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  1. I will like to buy  your LUPO GTI motor and gearbox? Can you ask your local transport company how mush I shall pay to have it delivered to Copenhagen in Denmark?


    Gert Helt

    Mobil +45 23 67 11 83

    email: gertbohelt@hotmail.com

  2. Yeah I've read that from other forums. Luckily I've still got the Caddy as a daily so I don't mind the harshness for when I do take her out. Yeah I've found eBay to be cheapest so far, I was wondering whether or not Kam Racing did offers for us forum members...
  3. Hi all, Im looking at getting the Powerflex Black line bushes as im doing a few track days later this year (and my bushes are all looking tired and have some play developing in most of them). I'm aiming to enter the old girl into the MSVR track day trophy or MSVR all comers (depends on what the car sits better in terms of regs and what circuits each club go to etc). Just wanted to to hear about where you guys bought yours, the prices you paid for them & if you encountered any issues when replacing your old ones! Thanks in advance, Matt
  4. They definitely did cock up with the pair they sold you! All ordered, many thanks for the help with this guys. ?
  5. Wow!! I'm amazed, I'd given up on using the stealers as usually everything it astronomically priced or unavailable, thanks guys!! ? Can someone confirm the part numbers above are correct before I go ahead and order some? Mamy thanks!!
  6. Hi all, As the title says, I'm trying to source some new headlight washer ends and caps. Anyone know where to buy them? I've scourged the interwebs and have had no luck. I'm after parts 1 & 2 as mine have been knackered for a long time. If unable to get new ones, I'll attempt to repair mine but would rather avoid this. I've attmepted German eBay however I feel there is some translations issues with Google. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Do either of these have AC? If so, I need the bracket that the AC pump, alternator and power steering pump all sit on. Thanks, Matt
  8. Got one in silver, not the best condition but will grab some pics if you're interested
  9. I'm from Lewes! I've got a Raven GTI in the garage. Another guy called Micheal from Brighton who's got a Black GTI. The pic is how my old girl was looking before I put her in the garage ??
  10. Haha sorry buddy but I'm still after these! Drop me a text on 07411945672 please!!
  11. Haha, yeah it probably was me, although there is another GTI owner who lives in Newhaven. Nice to finally speak to you! looked good, you probably haven't seen me in mine due to the fact she's been on my drive the past however many months having a load of work done to her! Hopefully it'll be done soon though!
  12. Who owns it?! Looks nice with the wind deflectors and roof rack!! Reg was H13UPO
  13. I'm unsure if the splines on the hubs will be different between the 1.0 and the GTI, meaning that you'd need custom shafts (I doubt it as you'd assume manufacturers would keep the parts the same to keep cost down.) If the hubs are the same then normal GTI Shafts will do (I've got some that I can sell if you like). With regard to the gearbox, it won't fit purely because the outer bolt pattern on the GTI block (I am also assuming we're talking Lupo GTI engine, not polo GTI) is different to accommodate for the 6 speed gearboxes that were made for it. Someone like Rich would be able to clarify though. With regard to the ratios Between boxes, the 5 speed GTI has a 1200 rpm drop between gears iirc and the 6 speed has a 1000 rpm drop between gears, the final ratio of the top gears are pretty much identical, the only advatage of the 6 speed is that the Rev drop is so small. How some of this helps!
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