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  1. My Lupo has been sat idle for ages, after a failed MOT, long enough for the battery to go flat. Charged it up but couldn't find the usual key so tried the spare from the manual, but it wouldn't start the car. Any ideas or solutions? Edit: Car is a 54 plate if that helps.
  2. I tried to video the clutch/brake thing after work but it didn't do it!!
  3. This is a short vid of it when stationary. VID_20181019_124440.mp4
  4. Cam belt - not while I have had it. Warms up normally Used for work and also to make local deliveries for a takeaway about 1000 revs.
  5. Basic 1.4 54 plate, not SDI. 2 new coils a while ago, was doing it before and after coil change. Power okay, can get up to 80-90 no probs, accel okay, maybe a little down on what I remember it being.
  6. Hi y'all So my Lupo vibrates, although shakes would be a better word. It mainly does this when I start it and if I press the clutch. The boot cover shakes and rattles like crazy! Also, when I am braking at lights etc, and I press the clutch in the engine makes a brrr sound like it is revving up but the rev counter is dipping. Anyone know what is causing these issues, and if they are related? Also are they fixable without going to the garage. TIA
  7. 54 Plate Lupo When I turn the steering wheel there is a strange noise, almost like sand between 2 glass plates, or as if there is grit in there. Does anyone know what this is and how much to repair (or how to repair!) Will the steering give out eventually if I don't get it fixed in time?
  8. Okay, I did the headlight - man it is tight in there. Was pretty easy apart from getting the little metal clip thing back on at the end. Will do brake light tomorrow. "headlight clip/cover is easy to break" - I just levered the cover off with a screwdriver, but was careful after reading your comment!
  9. Are there any pics or vids? I see a lot of pics on the how-to are non-working photo bucket ones (I am aware they changed their tos recently.)
  10. The drivers side headlight and brakelight bulbs have gone and I wondered if there was a guide to changing them. I took a look at the Lupo headlight and there isn't much room there, and I can't see how to easily get to the bulb. I looked on here and there is a lot of talk of GTI and xenon, but that isn't really relevant to me. Is this something I can do? Do I need to unscrew the headlight to get to the bulb? How about for the brake light?
  11. My lupo has sounded rough for a while. Last night the check engine light came on. Today I had someone hook up a diagnostics unit and he said it was the exhaust manifold, probably due to the cars age (54 plate.) So how bad is this, how easy is it to fix, do I need a new manifold and will this damage the engine. Also I posted previously that the car burrs as I slow down after I press the clutch. It seems to be doing it more, could these issues be related. The car seems to vibrate more as well. Tia.
  12. mk2 is right about it happening when wet and damp, and also seems to mainly happen not long after I start driving.
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