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  1. Hello I am selling seat arosa fog/sport driving lights and grills, if your interested buy it from this link if your as it's my own ebay http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-arosa-fog-lights-2001-to-2005-/252517995582?nav=SEARCH
  2. Sure thing should have it around a while also I'm selling this on my eBay if any one is interested buy it from this link it's my own ebay http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-arosa-fog-lights
  3. Haha yeah door is a little out of line and yeah I'm going to miss it, it was a wicked little smart looking fun car to drive Shame really :/ and is it didn't know it was a collectable the more you know Aye
  4. I paid for the plate and put it on its an 2002 arosa the BJC part of the plate is my initials. tyres have good tread but one alloy and tyre didn't survive. And spoiler has been sold sorry.
  5. That's correct including drivers airbag bag. engine and box have been droped and work fine had it remapped to 105BHP really fun to drive. I dropped it out to start braking for other rare tdi drivers for parts as I didn't think it was worth the repair to damage caused to body work and drive shaft and so on. The damage is unrecorded also still insured moted and taxed just sat out side. I didn't really think people would want to buy it in this condtion as complete as the reason I dropped the engine and gear out already to start breaking.
  6. Hello I am breaking my 1.4 TDI S seat arosa if you would like any parts please message me. 07445863988
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