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  1. how much for the clutch pedal stop??
  2. do you have the clutch pedal stop that fits to the bulkhead inside
  3. looking for the plastic square round thingy that clips to the bulkhead to stop the clutch pedal going to far, number 14 and 15 in the picture
  4. I have the same problem, changed the slave and made no difference, going for the master next
  5. it will be for sale, without teddies,cambridge lights,spoiler, mot now done so mot until aug 2020, all advisories been done, new front brakes hoses, wishbone bushes and rear beam bushes been done, new hazard warning switch also,
  6. vacum lines have a hole or worn through
  7. no not at the moment, just thought I would put it on here to see if there was any interest
  8. So which bits are worth £800???
  9. £800 seems about right/fair thanks for that
  10. So the burning question then. How much is it worth. With or without the bits on it???
  11. As it's owned by a girl what do you expect?????? No mods except genuine gti rear spoiler. Cambridge rear lights .updated front speakers as old ones died. 6 stack CD player genuine.
  12. as title need both driveshafts what has any one got??????
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