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  1. rrdoctoruk

    Tornado Red Lupo GTi, 71k, FSH, G60

    so any photos of it now not someone els's advert, and is that the price or is that again someone els's advert
  2. rrdoctoruk

    drivers side mirror complete

    wanted drivers side mirror complete as some sod has smashed mine, ideally in jazz blue and electric but would take any colour and manual, let me know what you have got
  3. rrdoctoruk

    1.7sdi 2004 Lupo breaking 84k miles

    why???? every one knows what a lupo looks like don't they ?????
  4. rrdoctoruk

    lupo tdi gearbox cables

    if this is the factory procedure have already done that, link does not work I am afraid but I assume it is the same as the lupo factory manual,
  5. rrdoctoruk

    lupo tdi gearbox cables

    yes have done all of that but still cannot get all the gears
  6. rrdoctoruk

    lupo tdi gearbox cables

    need some help chaps can someone measure the distance of the amount of thread showing on the gearbox change cables for me, one on the left and one on the right, changed to a newer gearbox tried to adjust to factory setting but will not let all gears be selected.
  7. rrdoctoruk

    Wanted Drivers front door and wing.

    got drivers door front wing and grill, if you stilll want them
  8. i have a sdi one, needs a lug rewelding
  9. rrdoctoruk

    Gti Tailgate

    got one here in black, will check to see if it still has its loom for you
  10. rrdoctoruk

    lupo poarts

    sorry no as they got binned with the bumper that nobody wanted,sorry
  11. rrdoctoruk

    lupo poarts

    and how far away is far away
  12. rrdoctoruk

    lupo poarts

    why an sdi not a tdi???? or gti or any for that matter
  13. rrdoctoruk

    lupo poarts

  14. rrdoctoruk

    lupo poarts

    wings black as is the bonnet tailgates one red one black doors darkgreen and one is black
  15. rrdoctoruk

    lupo poarts

    just a quick question for all you experts, are lupo parts worth anythnig?????? reason i ask is i have front wings £5 bonnet £20 doors complete£40 bare doors£10 rear tailgates£10 front bumper£5 front and rear lights£5 each but no one seems to want them, sooooo is it best just to scrap them ?????? discuss

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