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  1. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, pics will be up soon
  2. I will do tomorrow either on this thread or my Build thread once they're fitted
  3. Cambridge rear lights arrived today from awesome gti. Very impressed with the delivery. I ordered them at about 10 am yesterday and they arrived about 4.30pm today. Already detengeod them with a soldering iron and a pair of pliers. That was fun, bowels are now empty pics will be up tomorrow once theyre fitted.
  4. Hello people , quick question. Bought Cambridge lights and need to know how to remove the orange lenses (de-tango) them. Thanks in advance
  5. cambridges and glass rear blank coming soon

  6. Not updated this in ages so thought I should. Well on December 3rd the gearbox blew up so was off the road till about the 19th. wheel alignment is now out and steering wheel isn't straight. When I straighten the wheel the car steers right so that's getting fixed this week. Bought a couple treats for the car while she's been dead. I bought a new headhunt jvc kdr331 it was cheap but does what I need Finally wired up my indicators to my remote central locking Removed the rear wiper, have a Halfords rubber grommet at the moment but will be fitting a glass one this week when it arrives Removed rear Lupo badge Painted by heater controls and grab handles gloss black Have done a lot of sound proofing to the door and waiting to have enough money for a dynamat bulk kit so I can do a more thorough job I have also just ordered a set of Cambridge rear lights from awesome gti All in all a lot has happened to the car in the past two months and there's a still a lot to do, will upload pic's soon once I have my new parts fitted and alignment done. Sorry for the lack of updates, I promise I will start updating this more often.
  7. That wheel pretty much completes the interior, looks brilliant with the new seats etc keep up the good work bud!
  8. There are plenty spaces to choose from, theres a fair gap between the underside of the boot carpet and spare wheel. Why Not try there? Just make sure you use proper mounting methods so it doesn't come loose.
  9. If you have a hunt around home base or B&Q you might be able to find a part like it in the plumbing section. Sorry I cant be of much help as most folk would say/do is just de-wiper which I know doesn't suit your needs.
  10. I've never seen this done so if you go through with it let us all know how it goes. The rear screen on the 6n and the Lupe both look very different so I am doubtful. This is kinda uncharted territory so all any of us can say is you won't know till you try. Sorry I can't be much help.
  11. Hi HJLUPO as a general rule of thumb you don't want to lower your car more than about 30mm without changing the dampers as well, your best bet is to go for a suspension kit if coilovers are out of your budget. Lowering you car too much for standard dampers can seriously shorten the life of them and your springs also .Try looking at suspension kits or budget coilovers. They'll be much better than just a set of unbranded springs. Hope this helps.
  12. When mine started doing that it was my egr valve. We tried cleaning it out but landed up having to replace it in the end
  13. Mk 2 recaro's will fit but you need to weld the Lupo bases on to them. Not entirely sure about the ford ones. Easy seats to fit are Mk 4 golf recaro's they fit straight in but need a tiny bit of grinding at the runner arm to stop them catching the carpet. theres a 'how to' on here
  14. dead happy, got my tcl fitted and working like a dream, for now ...

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