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  1. Any idea what caused the valve to get all chewed up? Any marks on the #2 piston?
  2. Hi. I can't get the boot of my 2001 Arosa S open. The central locking won't unlock it it although it does make straining motor noises for a second or two when the car is locked or unlocked. Similarly, I can't get the key to rotate properly in the lock, and any rotation that does happen doesn't seen to do anything. I've not been able to use the key in the boot since I've owned the car though, so that's not new. The actual boot handle it self doesn't have much resistance to movement, it moves smoothly and springs closed when I let go, but it doesn't actually feel as though it's connected to any
  3. I was about to say "I feel your pain" with regards to the window switches, but your fix sounds great. When my driver's side switch/circuit went for the Nth time I took it to my father and we basically amputated the entire crappy jamming 'safety' circuit that VW so kindly provided, and replaced it with some big ol' relays. Those 4 little springy discs inside the switch are a PITA though, it took forever to get the damn things just right.
  4. Alternative title: the equally catchy "do it yourself light emitting diode chip on board daytime running lights". So, I wanted some nice daytime running lights for the front of my '99 Arosa. I did NOT, however, want to shell out upwards of £60 for a kit, plus I like to bugger about with stuff like this. I had a Google, did some reading, and [these] seemed to be just what I was looking for in a daytime running light. Low power consumption, aluminium body, insanely bright and reasonably priced. A year or so ago I used the older surface-mounted LED boards for this type of thing, my last project w
  5. Thanks for the reply, I'll have a look round Halfords and a search online. Would you happen to know the model of the head units fitted to Arosas as in the picture above? I've searched but come up blank The little booklet that comes with the car manual simply says 'Radio Mod Arosa' and googling this gets me precisely nowhere. I've subsequently read that in theory the radio should talk to the car's ECU and unlock itself, unless it gets moved to a different vehicle. Here's hoping! Edit: I think I found the VWVortex thread: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4988871-DIY-quot-JB-Mod-quo
  6. Ah, I'd forgotten these existed, I think I have one in a drawer somewhere. I guess it'll do as a stopgap, thanks!
  7. Hi all, My Arosa has a radio that looks like this (apologies for huge picture): It's ok but I'd like to have an 3.5mm auxiliary input for my iPod/phone/whatever. I could buy an aftermarket head unit but that's a fairly expensive option and I'd like to keep this cheap if possible. I know this model of radio can accept a cd-changer and that it's possible to wire an aux-input into this. The trouble is that I haven't been able to find a definitive answer as to the kind of adaptor that is required and I don't want to go fishing around behind the dash if I can help it, because the previous owners
  8. Hi All, just picked up my first Arosa and I love it! It came with a driver side window that wouldn't move at all, having previously been sticking halfway. My father and I tried a bunch of things I've seen suggested on various forums, including here, greased the runners, oiled the cables, greased the worm gear, etc, nothing presented a permanent solution, the window would work ok, but once it met any resistance it would just refuse to go any further. Switchgear was ok. After a while we had it so that it would move, but only up or down one step at a time, and you had to taker your finger off the
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