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  1. Joechapl


    I might at some point but it's just so I can get it through its MOT
  2. I'd definitely buy a set someone please start making a market for these?!?!?
  3. It would probably need to be made from abs plastic as it is quite versatile
  4. I just bought a 3.5 mm audio jack and a usb port from in car tech audio to replace my cigarette lighter as I don't smoke and it seems useless now days. I also need to get a radio adapter for the gamma 5 as I like to keep things looking as standard as possible but secretly modified. Has anyone got a link for the cd changer aux in adapter?
  5. Joechapl


    Ever so sorry for the late reply, so far, I've put my bumper on and next is the I indicator grill. I've bought some doors with electric windows that I will retrofit. That's how far I've got so far because of college
  6. Would you make a batch and sell them?
  7. I like the look of these, where did you source them?
  8. Joechapl


    Will be doing so tomorrow. I'm also retrofitting electric windows to my car!
  9. Evening all, I changed the engine in my Lupo as the bottom end was finished. The old engine didn't have an EGR port on the cylinder head but my new engine does. I changed all the wiring but the car misfires and sounds unusual. Is there any way to fix it? I also read a thread on here about the EGR valve making the car misfire. Should i blank it and put the old wiring back on? Many Thanks!
  10. Fault codes may be a help. If nothing, lift up the back seats and unscrew the black cover, there reveals your fuel pump. Turn the ignition on after doing so and listen for a whir. If nothing happens, check your fuse #40 if that's not blown. If it isn't, check your relay #409 I think. Are you sure its not the cam sensor and not removing the wrong pipe?
  11. Thanks all, a great help! I will be taking all this advice into consideration.
  12. Joechapl


    I agree, just fitted it after getting a new passenger headlight since the mounting points broke.
  13. I've just been able to swap my suspension for standard with my mate but I think I'll do away with the wheels soon and find some standard steels and keep the alloys for later. Has anyone tried modified insurance for new drivers?
  14. I'll be after cheap insurance as I will be a new driver later this year I'm just making my car ready and it needs to pass its test first
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