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  1. Any update on the seats mate?
  2. Nah they don’t look right for a Lupo in my opinion.
  3. Ok I have sent the money across now
  4. Really like the look of these ? I think if you polished the whole key ring it would look beautiful. Defiantly think you should keep moving forward with this!
  5. Hit me up Lupo GTI seats
  6. Looking for a set of Lupo GTI seats or just front pair.
  7. Are there any key rings left as I would be interested in purchasing one? cheers,
  8. I would be interested in the Gti seats if you could dm me some photos?
  9. Does anyone know how to view photos on old threads as photobucket is preventing me from viewing photos on the forum and are wanting 300 a year or something to view them. Is anyone else having this problem and knows how to resolve it?
  10. Are the Lupo front seats still available?
  11. Nice progress man. Anthracite grey is a quality colour too
  12. Anyone selling or know of anyone selling the lower half of the bumper with fogs?
  13. Passed a low white lupo heading towards Downton, Wiltshire.
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