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  1. It still works fine, I don't have the time to do an engine change over Xmas and I'm swapping over to the new car next week. She'll probably keep going for quite a while and i trust her to get me to work and back every day
  2. I know! I do love her to bits! She will always be my first! Moving over to a Beetle. I love them modified and not many around me (Manchester).
  3. Loopy Loo is up for sale Few scuffs and front bumper needs fixing or replacing due to a crack. Miles at 113k. The rings are going so can be smokey if you rev it high and uses more oil than normal I was going to replace the engine as only £150 but been offered a car I can't refuse. On borbets bs' s and lowered on fk's. Centre section has got a bit of a blow but may be able to get this sorted in the next week. £950 as is. I will sell the wheels on their own for £400.
  4. It's never effected mine... If you spray the whole car and let it soak maybe... But you only need to be doing like the bottom of doors and front if there's flies and maybe the odd bird poop.
  5. G101's good, ph nuetral etc. i just dont put it on MY wheels cause theyre bare metal, but ususally okay on everything else!
  6. I saw your Lupo at Dubfiction and it sounded awesome! can you tell me more about the BMC CDA induction kit etc? Ive been online and can only see it for 1.4s or will that be the same? how did you get it for so cheap? Fancy telling me the secrets? Im jelous of your noises
  7. Okay car is finally running, however, my headlight, front indicator and side repeater on the passenger side aren't working! The rear is okay and drivers side is fine. I've checked the fuses and that's okay, is there a relay or anything? I refuse to believe all 3 bulbs have gone! Lol
  8. Yeah probably! Lowered y reg with a few stickers?
  9. Looks like glue has burnt through, I've got the same marks from bird poopy
  10. An auto electrician tried using vag com but couldn't get past the 7 digit code? Needed vag taco or some other program :/ And hi x
  11. Haha I didn't leave my house yesterday so defrosted wasn't me will keep my eye out for you both though
  12. Thought it was me then but only just got my car back, where about a are you based? Surprised I haven't seen you about!
  13. Sent ecu off to cc tuning and he sent it back next day, got it back today just plugged it in and she is running! What amazing service!!!
  14. Okay so the guy has done the ecu and should have it back tomorrow, basically the immobiliser had a code, the key had a code but the ecu didn't? If it's still not starting I'll try thatdanoid. Yeah tried with both the keys, sorry for the slow replies guys just been working none stop over the weekend! And you have no idea! I'm having to get the bus to and from work and today was sunny and I got a lift, now it's thunder and lightening and I'm in shorts!! Luckily nothing white but I'm still going to look like a drowned rat!
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