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  1. If you have a cheap egr delete you may need to seal it with silicone, the original valve has a rubber o ring built into the flange that a cheap kit will not have. My TDI had a very slight leak there that knocked it into limp mode. Very annoying.
  2. Trx 33

    Lupo gti

    Number 41 Strut cap - 6N0412359A Give TPS a ring on tyne tunnel trading estate, when i got a pair they were only a couple of quid.
  3. Also my rear caliper sprung a leak, so while i was at it i gave her a deep clean. Dis a bit of colouring in too. Scrubs up alright for a 16 year old daily.
  4. Its been a while but heres a long overdue update. New shoes and new tooters
  5. Love it! Have a dig around and get some of those pictures back, I'd love to have a look around the car. Can't say I've seen a Canica sport before. Reminds me of my mates on those teddies
  6. Did a thing too, can you spot it?
  7. Parmos are for southerners
  8. Cheers guys, really appreciate it, trying to keep things somewhat oem and clean. I was trying to work out how to light it, the thought crossed my mind of making up a plexiglass spacer for the sub and lighting that. Hiding the lights in the rear panels just looks cleaner. I've got the lights wired to my neons at the moment but there's some more Bluetooth controllers on the way so I can run them independently
  9. We're in somewhat subtle but I like it
  10. I had the dash out to try a couple of experimental things, didn't really work out but it gave me great access to the wiring loom The alloys really are letting the side down but i think i'll try to get my mitts on some new centre caps then a lick of paint, then they'll be minters Saving up for bumper resprays now, rear upper bumper is atrocious and the front isn't much better, going to go with the black magic pearl for the front lower valance.
  11. Well its been a while but i've been fairly busy. Tidied up some wiring and coded in cruise control Fully rewired the neons with tyco amp connectors and automotive grade multicore wire And the biggest (and most expensive) thing, no more rusty arches Had them rolled up flush with the outer skin for a bit better fitment and with the 20mm spacers they don't scrub anymore. Still not the best fitment in the world but its got a much better stance at the rear. I'll finish this instalment with the obligatory reflection shots Who says you cant polish a turd.
  12. Okie dokie, little update. Ive been looking at the wiring diagram and it would appear i would only need to graft in the extra bags and sensors, all of the rest of the wiring should be there. Id hate to go to the trouble of wiring everything up only to find the airbag control module is coded specifically to the donor. Some wires also go to the central locking module, i tried swapping these over a little while back to get a flip key coded to the car with no luck, the connectors had different locating tabs, i shaved a bit off the terminals to get them to fit with no luck, this unit will not have to be swapped over too will it?
  13. Lovely colour car, quite rare.
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