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  1. Hi all, So I've been reading things (yeh I know), I'm just in the process of renewing all my brakes and lowering the sdi on coilovers. I've read some things (on here) that if you lower then the rears could lock on braking due to them overcompensating for increased load on the rear..? I've never heard this before but my car doesn't have ABS. Has anyone had to adjust their brake bias to counteract this? If so how? Or is this all a load of BS? I wouldn't normally be bothered but I don't play with brakes! Cheers
  2. Hey all, Went to bleed my brakes last week as I was getting some sponginess on the pedal. Came to rear drivers side and some dingus had snapped the bleed screw off inside the wheel cylinder. I've replaced the cylinder and bled the system, but my handbrake now has a really short travel (maybe 3-4 clicks) whereas before replacing the cylinder it had at least double that. Should I be concerned about this or is there anything I should be checking? Been out for a spin and brakes are really spot on since bleeding
  3. Hello! I'm curious about two thing's in my arosa and I hope someone could help me. I changed brake pads and discs. Choosed TRW kit - 256mm discs and 119/69.5/16 pads. What I think is wrong is that there's a lot of space between the pad and brake disc center. I searched on internet and founded pictures where it look's the same but I don't know if it needs to be like that. I have two arosas. On one brakes work perfect but on the other one it isn't ''touching'' all of the brake disc surface. Here are the brakes on both of mine arosas - (both uses same parameter pads and discs)
  4. Title: Rear Disc Conversion Parts Description: I have collected the parts ready to do a rear disc conversion on a Lupo but have not put them on and I am now selling the car so these are for sale! Some parts are new and some second hand. The calipers have been refurbished and painted red and I intended to put the return springs (from a Sharon I think) on them for those 'on the bar moments' (quoted from the site where I got the info for doing the conversion!). Shame really they would have been nice on my 1.4 TDi with 280mm front brakes and matching calipers! I also have a 22mm front
  5. As per the title, I am after 1x G60 Brake carrier to accomodate a 280mm disc.
  6. Hi there I've owned my Lupo GTi for about 10months now, I replaced the discs and pads all the way round a while a go now and today the car has started to make a horrible noise when I pull away, sort of sounds like the brakes when you press them at low speeds... It's not a squeak it's more of a judder? So I jacked it up and tried spinning the front wheels (not in gear with the engine running) and the wheels span about 1/4 turn then stopped them self is this normal ?! I'm a boat mechanic not a car mechanic so excuse me if I'm not 100% clear. Any help much appreciated cheers
  7. hi guys i have a lupo 1.4 x reg. I would like to know if i buy a Brembo Disc and pad set do i need new calipers or will standard be ok? heres the link on ebay ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191409517209?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT thanks Paul
  8. Last weekend I drove around the Nordschleife for the first time with my Lupo The car drove very well with just a H&R Coilies. What was a really big dissapointment/problem, the brakes. Well this didn't came to me as a surprise but I was little surprised how quickly the brakes were gone After 4 km nothing happened anymore. Well because the idea is to drive more often on the Nordschleife and also other track days, I have been looking for a possible brake upgrades for the Lupo. I know about the G60 upgrade but I'm not 100% sold for this solution. Then I stumbeled upon Porsche/S2 brakes. I
  9. Hi all, Which set of brake pads and discs would you recommend for the rear of the GTI ? I have seen a few cheap sets on eBay such as Mintex etc as well as the Euro Car Parts stuff such as Pagid and Eicher but not sure which are best
  10. Hi guys, the Arosa I bought had an advisory on the front brakes, could any recommend a good brand of discs and pads? I dont need high performance as its not the 1.4 model, however knowing it has something not budget is a good help. Also the car could do with a service, now thinking of taking this to a garage, but i'm sure there just buy any filters, oil etc... could any one help point me in some decent parts and what they recommend to service? Thanks in advance
  11. Ok, so I brought some brake discs for my 1.4 16v thinking they were 240mm, however they turned out to be 256mm! I filtered the parts for my REG and it said that they would fit, and from a very quick read online apparently I will be able to fit the 256's. Can anyone confirm this so I don't have to go and buy some 240's now? Thanks from Lewis
  12. Hi, Just changed out the front brakes to Brembo Max discs and pads and really happy with the result.... but all that keeps getting shown up by those rusty looking drums on the back. I am wondering if anyone has a sport rear axle with discs that I can buy or knows of a place I can get one!!?? I'm in Aberdeen FYI Thanks alot
  13. iam changing my rear pads on my lupo gti,,iam compressing the piston by turning kt but it wont go inside,i turn it th ogher way and it happened,,i placed it all over again ,,and still in wont go in,,what will i do,,,thanks
  14. Hello, quite a large problem here regarding brakes, I ordered a set of Black diamond discs and predator pads for my lupo gti (matched up by the reg plate) diameter 256x25 thickness. All good? No. I've come to fit these brakes and upon taking my old disc off (that I ordered and fitted perfectly using my Reg plate) realised that they are nothing alike. My old disc is 280ish x 22ish. I wasnt aware that my Lupo, had a big brake conversion on it. Can anyone tell me how this has happened and how i can rectify? What discs are being used on my conversion?? and what car from?? Thank youuuu.
  15. The abs appears to be kicking back everytime the brakes are applied, although the abs light doesn't come on, I dont know of anything else that would make the brake pedal kick back. It makes a horrific metal on metal grinding sound too. Any suggestions? Thanks
  16. Seems like I need to get a Polo Haynes manual. But in order to put my brakes back together this weekend, please can someone let me know the torque settings as below for a Lupo 2002 1.4 tdi: Caliper to Cage Cage to Strut Thanks
  17. my lupo judders when braking, i can feel it through the brake pedal. i have had new front disks fitted which solved the problem. but 6 months down the line it's started again. any ideas? ta.
  18. Im selling a pair drilled, grooved + vented discs & OMP road/race brake pads for the 1.0, they were bought in error for my car a while ago & have sat in the shed ever since. The discs & pads are new but I've got no boxes for them as they fell to bits, there is some surface rust on the discs but nothing that wont disappear after a couple of pushes of the brake pedal. £35 the lot, collection or £39 posted, no offers.
  19. Cars been lowered and new wheels have been put on, added camber today but pretty sure the problem was already there. the drums rubs on something every full rotation, obviously occurs more as speed increases and gets louder as i brake, any ideas?
  20. Has anyone had any experience of using tarrox discs and pads? I have 280mm standard disks and pad on mine at the moment; I need to replace all my disks and pads in the next few hundred miles. The car is used for road use two to three times a week and i am looking to do a few track days this years. I don’t want anything that will squeal like EBC green stuff etc. The tarrox set up is approx £310.00 for disks and pads, braided lines £90.00 ish then fluid to suit. I was just going to use genuine disks and pads for the rear £110.00 With the fluid Im looking at £500.00 plus so any experience with t
  21. I test drove a Lupo sport today noticed it had disc brakes on the back I was wondering if the 1.4s has disc or drum brakes. Anyone know?
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