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  1. I mean this colour, I prefered the original. but apart from that, it was well modded
  2. this is nice man, love it, keep it up!!
  3. My step sis has one of these mk2 bread vans. Her's is pretty mint. Im not to sure on that greeny blue...
  4. Right, come to the conclusion that its my ecu thats fecked... Just ordered a new ecu kit and I'm gonna wait and see. Fitted the new lupo tailgate and my pioneer stereo has arrived I'll get pics up tomorrow
  5. Does anyone know what engine code my arosa might be? its an arosa sport 100hp. thanks.
  6. looks pretty sweet mate bit much red though... would start to hurt my eyes lol
  7. Not going UD mate... I'm gutted Those wheels look CRAZY on there. that rear wheel width is dirty!!!! lol
  8. I just put my A3 Pepperpots on ebay, in need of a bit of a refurb. Good tyres all round. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/260955726672
  9. I think I saw this on ebay? Was this not a cat d or c?
  10. I hear not to use savlon but I used Bepanthen and lightly tap/slap the tattoo when itchy
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