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  1. I liked the styling of the car before I saw the GT, the GT is gorgeous! See a bit of the Lupo's styling in the UP!
  2. OK I completely lied to you all its not cured it and is worse then ever! Now doing it in a straight and under braking (not left hand down) .... Bloody gutted after my initial elation of being told it was fixed.
  3. Well, after 3 days we've found the problem ... The tire wall on the front right hand corner had perished on the inside and that was causing the grinding when the load shifted to that side. Hah, of all the things! Thank you all very much for your input
  4. End of day two, still no ideas and he's left no stone unturned, checked everything. It HAS to be something stupid that we're overlooking I just don't know what, cured some other little problems I've had though so it's not all at a loss everything you guys have been saying I've passed on to him and he's looked but so far nothing has come up. Though he is optimistic!
  5. I work in Loughborough but I'm sure I'd remember the beep!
  6. Haha tell ya what if I have no joy after this round at the garage I'll take ya up on that cooper. Ive gotta feeling it'll be summet daft but til it's found it's so frustrating!!
  7. No I haven't, the grind is in the same spot on every rotation ... But the sound changes when your outside the car. Plugged in, as in engine management? Cheers
  8. Yeah? And why's that? Your dads best mate's brother work there??
  9. The noise can be heard on the outside of the car, the garage have made sure there is lots of clearance to the backing disc, changed discs and pads, checked the driveshafts and its still doing it!!
  10. It's gone back into my mates garage for a second look, hopefully might be able to shed some light, he's still assuring me it's no wheel bearing ... but we will see, as soon as I know something I'll update ya. And definitely nothing wrong with my eagle F1's I'm thinking it may have something to do with the metal flimsy bit round the disc, fingers crossed!
  11. So the bloke at C and R enterprises in Nottingham was chatting **** then? Surprise surprise!
  12. And yeah I'm quite low, on adjustables. Say around 80/90mm. I did check on the shafts and there doesn't appear to be any damage at all.
  13. We are taking the black diamond pads out, skimming the old pads down and putting them back in to see if that makes a blind bit of difference but I'm not holding my breath. Will also take the jet wash to it (underneath) but I've always even wary of doing something like that ... It also can't be the wheel bearing I know what a horrible noise that makes and this rotationary grind doesn't resemble that in anyway! Hopefully can sort it sooner rather than later
  14. Is the 6 speed box a 22R? I've now been told the 5 speeds fitted to the polo GTi and the lupo GTi are prone to ****ing up but the 6 speeds are bullet proof and are very hard to come by, also that the 6 speed 22R box only went on the lupo and nothing else. Only reason I'm asking about the boxes is in relation to my 'rotationary grinding' post in VW lupo specific ... As I'm still stumped!
  15. I've been looking into a new gearbox, as mine maybe on its way out, I have a 03 plate Lupo GTi with a 6 speed box. I've been looking online for reputable companies that might be able to recon mine, and it got me thinking, the box on both the lupo's and polo's are quite weak, are there any other box's that will fit my lupo with little to no modification? If so can anyone point me in the right direction? If not can you recommend any good companies that people have had dealings with or anyone on the forums that might be able to help me out? thank youuuu
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