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  1. Going to take it all apart this weekend, been at work all week so need to find the time.
  2. Thanks for reply... someone else said that this was a timing bung and irrelevant if its open/closed.
  3. Fault Code: [P0443] Has anyone got a guide (youtube/website) or location where the purge control valve is located?
  4. So realized I have a oil leak coming from the car, it seems to be coming from the top part of where the plastic cover is connected to the engine. I have yet to take the top off and have a look, it was recently removed and was not leaking previously so could it just be something hasn't been connected or sealed when reconnected. Also to the right side of the engine is a plastic cap which I'm unclear if it was open or closed (it is now closed, the cap when open is still on a plastic spine so it wont get lost). Picture not great but what is this and should it be open/closed? Any help app
  5. Replaced plugs, spark leads and coilpack and that cleared the P030* codes. I did also just do a clean on the plugs and this cleared the codes, however we replaced the parts. I have cleared the P0116 code with the Water Coolant Temperature Sensor. Just the Fault Code: [P0443] to fix now.
  6. not to hand no, I'm going to have to go into a shop and buy the parts as it seems the internet isn't helping as I bought all three part from different sources (they all fit each other) just not my engine
  7. Updated the post above... even though I used my plate reg to match parts these still didn't fit my engine So now having to find new plugs, leads and coil pack. Water Coolant Temperature Sensor fitted with no issues.
  8. Thanks @Sausage for the info. The car in my ownership has never had the sparks replaced, so think this is worth replacing regardless. Since the coil pack and the spark plugs was being changed it made sense to replace the leads at the same time.
  9. Seat Arosa 2003 6H [1997-2004] Hatchback Hatchback 1.0 999ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol) So as a new driver I always found it tricky to ensure I bought the right parts for servicing the car. Seemed that different sites used different picture for things such as filters and was never sure on what I should/shouldn't buy. Some people find this no problem at all but for me was a bit more of an issue. Anyways I am doing a basic service on the car and replacing a few things, for my own history and for others who may find this difficult I have listed the parts I bought (I will include links but thes
  10. Seat Arosa 2003 6H [1997-2004] Hatchback Hatchback 1.0 999ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol) So as the MOT states that any engine management light will now fail. It's time to start clearing the codes. I have listed them below and will go through the process of trying to clear them, this may prove useful to others if they have the codes. If not its a record of what I have done. Using a cheap OBD-II system these are the codes I have: Fault Code: [P0116] - Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance Problem Fault Code: [P0443] - Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Co
  11. So it that all that's faulty would you say just those two switches? Is there a guide anywhere to do this? or just trial and error
  12. Hey So it seems looking this is a common problem with these cars and my drivers unit is getting very temperamental with working. The locking system still work its just the window switches for both passenger and driver. So I have had a look online and a new unit it rather expensive, however you run the risk of a second-hand unit only lasting a week or so after purchase. Now I have seen on eBay that you can purchase just the switches for £5 each, is this all that is wrong and can these be easily replaced? Or is it worth buying a complete new unit? Pictures added for illustrat
  13. Hi All Looking to replace the front wiper blades, the drivers blade is now missing the middle (where its worn or not curved). So looking on eBay prices can range from £5-£22 anyone recommend a brand or even blades they have bought from eBay? Thanks in advance.
  14. thanks ill try get some pictures and see if it matches to what you say... lol so what just look for split wires or unplug terminals and just clean it up a little?
  15. Hi I have just plugged up my MK2 Arosa as the engine management light has been on for a while, and this is the fault, has anyone experienced this before and know how I fix this or even where I look to fixing it? Thanks in advance,
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