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  1. Jahre

    Gti suspension

    Hi, I have a set. ~150 tkm on it. Only but is, that it is located in Germany :/ If you are still interested, write me.
  2. I would also beinterested!
  3. Hi everybody, I have been having some problems with my GTI in the past few weeks. The steering is really nervous and the car is pulling really strong to the left when I accelerate and to the right when I decelerate. Also any grooves on the road pulls the car really bad. First I thought that the lower ball joint is to blame, but after changing it and also the steering rod joint, it only got worse. Today I decided to take the whole front axle apart to see what causes this. After taking the top mount hats away, I noticed that they had been rubbing on the strut tower the whole time. It would not have taken long and the driver side hat would have broken in half The whole time I had the coilovers, I kept hearing a knocking noise in the front but it didn't appear all the time. I had suspected that the top mounts to blaim, but I wasn't able to find anything odd before. Once the hats were off, I noticed that the top of the shock was full of grease. It was then clear that the bearing was done. I bought the bearings under a year ago from VW and they had done under 30 000 km.The left side was a lot worse than the driver side but still, I wasn't expecting that. http://rs130.pbsrc.com/albums/p249/Siitonen/Mobile%20Uploads/20140517_160819_zpsksccvr1g.jpg~320x480 http://rs130.pbsrc.com/albums/p249/Siitonen/Mobile%20Uploads/20140517_160803_zps5mnhco0z.jpg~320x480 Once the shocks were out of the car, I was able to see that both of them had been leaking for some time already and both of them had play between the shaft and the housing. Passenger side shock had a lot of play! Now I'm thinking should I send the shocks back to H&R to be serviced or should I buy a new set. But the problem with the top mounts puzzles me. Has anyone else had such problems with their GTI?? When I installed the coilies I went and used the old top mounts bush. Maybe that was the reason why the hat wasn't positioned right in the strut tower http://rs130.pbsrc.com/albums/p249/Siitonen/Mobile%20Uploads/20140517_160742_zpszsqy5kid.jpg~320x480 http://rs130.pbsrc.com/albums/p249/Siitonen/Mobile%20Uploads/20140517_160731_zpsemzqfx5f.jpg~320x480 Also how can it be that the top bearing died in just 30 000km?
  4. Does the Kam Racing exhaust come with a certificate that I can get MOT in Germany?
  5. I did found a set of brakes that would have been a bolt-on kit but the seller never answered to me. So I decided to just try out with EBC Yellowstuff, Ferodo FBZ100 Dot5.1 and some braided hoses. Since the change I haven't had a change to go to the ring again but I did went to Hockenheim. In Hockenheim I was able to drive about 10 min hard and then I started to get inconsistant braking. 1 lap cooling and then I was able to go flat-out 1 lap. So the change had brought some benefits but the brakes are still not getting enough cooling. First test I will do is to install cooling ducts and see what that brings. After that new brake pads. The Yellowstuff is good for the street but not really for the track. Well maybe I should ad that if you have semi-slicks and plan to drive hard for a longer period, then you need to consider some better pads. Thanks for the tip regarding the Cupra brakes I will take a look if I can find some on Ebay.
  6. I would be also interested on some engine polys
  7. Of course balance has to be kept. It doesn't help if the front axle keeps locking every time you brake hard. That is why I'm asking if anyone has tried Porsche brakes on a Lupo. I don't know what would the piston area be in a Boxster rear axle caliper, so can be that there is a huge difference or that there isn't much of a difference. Pads are important and that would also be a good reason to try to fit Porsche brakes, because the selection is so much better. So far I haven't been able to find a decent pads for the Lupo caliper. Green Stuff I don't want to buy. Friend had them and well there wasn't much of a difference to the originals. Now I have bought semi-slicks so the need for good brakes becomes even more important. Defcon5: Do you know from what model was the brakes from?
  8. I know that much that just changing the brake fluid will not cure my problem Has anyone really tried the G60 conversion on a race track? How long do they last?
  9. Last weekend I drove around the Nordschleife for the first time with my Lupo The car drove very well with just a H&R Coilies. What was a really big dissapointment/problem, the brakes. Well this didn't came to me as a surprise but I was little surprised how quickly the brakes were gone After 4 km nothing happened anymore. Well because the idea is to drive more often on the Nordschleife and also other track days, I have been looking for a possible brake upgrades for the Lupo. I know about the G60 upgrade but I'm not 100% sold for this solution. Then I stumbeled upon Porsche/S2 brakes. I know they have been used in mk4/5/6 Golf succesfully but has anyone fitted one to a Lupo? They would require a 305 disc but what I have understood Ibiza Cupra R discs would go. The calibers that would fit would be from the Boxster/986 rear axle. This would be a perfect solution regarding track days, because the available amount of different brake pads would be wast. The price is also not a problem. Other option would be to take S2 brakes. Would these fit directly? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Audi-S2-Bremssattel-Doppelkolben-Bremsanlage-G60-Girling-60-komplett-/171068509495?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item27d47a4d37 If anyone has some dimensions from the front brake caliber, those would be very usefull.
  10. Has anyone here had any experiences with Spax RSX? I'm looking for some coilovers with good adjustability for track use. I would like to go with KW but they don't offer V3 for GTI Spax seems to have the adjustability that I'm looking for. I just don't know how are they against corrosion and how is the quality? Also are there camber plates available for GTI? I have seen some been installed here but they all seem to require a lot of modifications to the top mount.
  11. Well I can openly admit how fast I have driven because I've done it on the Autobahn Revs bit over 6000 and my speedo was showing 210 km/h. It is not really a pleasure driving so fast in an original GTI Much more fun driving on a winding road
  12. Well Denmark is not so far away Are there some big VW meets?
  13. Grüße from Germany I'm a new member from Germany. Just bought myself a 2004 silver Lupo GTI. I was thinking of getting one already last year but because of having to move back to Finland for a while I didn't had the change to buy one. Now finally got one Luckily I found a really good one from a dealer. It was a early 2004 model with 138 tkm spent on the road. Of course it had all the extras and a MP3/Bluetooth radio I haven't seen such a radio ever and I was of course quite pleased to have one, because now I don't need to buy one with a MP3 capability. I also got a one year warranty for the engine an gearbox so worry free kilometers I have been planning to do some upgrades to the suspensions and wheels. I really like to take part in ADAC Slalom here and regarding that I want to improve the handling. I would really like to have KW V3 but if I have understood it right KW doesn't make V3 for Lupo If someone has good tips regarding some suspension and handling improvements I would appreciate a lot! Here is a crappy photo from my GTI
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