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    lupo gti 2002 silver..6 gang.
  1. nope,,its real,,it used to be black with 18 Inch mk5 Detroit rims,
  2. yeahh,lupo is a lovely car,,once u have it,u will never get away from it,
  3. 305 bhp Mk5 Edition 30 engine ,DSG
  4. ist not mine but red and dark wheels is awsome!
  5. i used to have Bilsteins, with eibach -30 front and rear,,they are good on bumpy roads but when ur cornering at high Speed it still have body roll, get coilies u can lower them at summer and high in snowy winter.
  6. thats rw002,, been looking for years for a 001,,urs is so rare ,,
  7. hi adam.are your Bbs rw002?and it is 4x100? Thanks and what tires r u running? Ur car is awsome.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sheTKD03hmo this will help
  9. yes. I bought mine for 27 euros Each.vw italy. Maybe its better to look at breakers out there.
  10. overheating, check coolant reservoir,,if temperature gauge rises above normal check radiator fan is working and look for leaks.
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