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  1. Halfrauds own brand tyre wet look/shine, it comes in a lime green bottle. I tried spraying it on exterior plastics and they've gone from greying to like new, even withstood some heavy rain too! One of them where it does a job it wasn't designed for better than it does the job it was designed for 😂
  2. All seems to be in order, im not complaining like cause I'm based in sheffield and its hilly as **** so will probably be slack again in 6 months!
  3. There was an aftermarket converter type thing when I pulled the old radio out, but this was plugged into the original loom plugs so I tossed it with the radio. Original loom doesn't seem to have been tampered with from what I can see, but then I'm a complete novice with electricals so could be wrong. I've managed to jump it and driven it round to charge up, gonna leave the radio disconnected and see what happens Edit - the radio was in '2 safe' mode cause the seller didn't have the right code (and cause I'm a moron). Does 2 safe mode draw power?
  4. Battery's started going flat and has refused to start tonight, tried bump starting unsuccessfully and now the green machines at the bottom of a hill! I've got a hunch that it might be the radio, I bought a 2nd hand beta unit and fitted last week to replace the aftermaket job previous owner had fitted. Is there anything in my hunch or have I lost it?
  5. Hey all, Went to bleed my brakes last week as I was getting some sponginess on the pedal. Came to rear drivers side and some dingus had snapped the bleed screw off inside the wheel cylinder. I've replaced the cylinder and bled the system, but my handbrake now has a really short travel (maybe 3-4 clicks) whereas before replacing the cylinder it had at least double that. Should I be concerned about this or is there anything I should be checking? Been out for a spin and brakes are really spot on since bleeding
  6. Hey all, once again I think I may have foiled myself... I bought a used beta radio off gumtree because I quite like the styling (big improvement on the crappy aftermarket thing that came with the car) I've plugged it in and it's giving the standard safe mode then displaying 0000. Now rather than being patient I decided to try a hack from YouTube which was... Press the right arrow until there's a beep Press the right arrow again until beep Turn the ignition on Rather than just magically coming alive, it's now just showing a small 2 towards the left of the display and 'safe' in the middle, doesn't click over to let me enter a code 😕 Any ideas?
  7. I'll take a £40 punt over buying another lupo! Just had a pretty hard drive out on a country road for 10 miles with steel seal in and seems to have done the job, exhaust isn't blowing white ish anymore and the coolant looks the same as it did out of the bottle. Held temperature pretty standard the whole drive too which was a relief Time will tell whether its properly done the job but early results seem positive, thanks for all the contributions!
  8. Pulling the head off is a bit too advanced for me and my toolbox 😂 finished my final flushes today (4 times, just to be sure) and haven't seen any more oil come out which is a relief. I'm gonna go with the steel seal still because I'm 90% the head gasket is on its way out, and I'd rather give a £40 bottle a go instead of waiting for it to go boom in a week/months time. Here's hoping the green machine lives on!
  9. **also changed oil and filter while I was at it, no signs of water getting into the oil
  10. Update numero 2... I'm concluding it's the HG as the exhaust is pretty white too, I'd not noticed this before. After consulting many YouTube videos I did several normal flushes (drain, fill with water, run up to temp, cool, drain again and repeat) and then did a flush with laundry detergent. The laundry detergent actually worked wonders and pulled several shades of s**t out! As per above comments its designed to work with rubber hoses, aluminium and other metals so can't be too harmful, and wasn't in the system long enough to do any damage. Just done another flush with holts flushing solution which has brought out lots of other bits and pieces of corrosion mostly, gonna try the steel seal tomorrow and keep everything crossed.
  11. Update on this... Coolant has now turned into a very sludgy brown mixture so will need flushing a bit more thoroughly this time, I'm thinking something like holts /similar to help it along Still no overheating which is a bonus! Might try steel seal and see if it lives up to the hype
  12. Hi everyone, apologies if this is in the wrong place... I've a w reg 1.0l which I serviced the other day. As the coolant light has been coming on intermittently I decided it would be a good idea to drain and refill. I removed the bottom hose from the radiator and there was a significant amount of oil in the coolant, since refilling it now appears that there's still a significant amount left in the system as its still brown and sludgy in the resrvoir As far as I know it's not the head gasket, still runs perfect in start stop traffic and isn't overheating. The engine oil wasn't contaminated either when I drained it. Any idea what could be causing this? I've seen some suggest it could be a faulty radiator, Or just a case of properly flushing the system?
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