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  1. Mail this guy to get the part numbers & double check them against ETKA as the A2 uses the same engine & gearbox as the Arosa (double check though):- 1.4 TDI AMF 75 BHP SUMP PAN :- AUDI A2 1.4 TDI AMF 75 BHP SUMP PAN AMF GEARBOX:- AUDI A2 1.4 TDI AMF 5 SPEED MANUAL GPK GEARBOX Wishbone – The only thing that makes them Off side or Driver side is which way up the ball joint is facing, if it’s the wrong side undo the 3 bolts turn the ball joint the other way & it’ll fit the other side:- Seat Arosa 1997 Onwards VW Lupo Polo 2000-02 Right Hand Offside Wishbone #W53
  2. Wow Paul, only just seen this thread such a shame whats happened as I know how much you were looking after it after you bought it from me (which is always a nice feeling after you pour so much love into something over an 8yr period!). I'll have a dig round in the garage & see if I've got any parts which may be of use to you, although from recollection when I did the wishbones last year they only cost £40 for genuine parts online & the gearbox mount was only £15, both of which are jobs you can do yourself. I'll also have an ask around to see if anyone I know has any other parts for you.
  3. Car has just had another years tax put on it + & I'm having the camber/tracking done on Monday. Got someone with a solid offer coming to view it on Wednesday, if they dont take it then there are still a couple of other offers on the table. This isn't eBay & I'm not looking to start some kind of bidding war, but if your offer is below £2850 please keep it to yourself Pic of the car from last night... Pic of the paperwork file to go with this car (MOT's & receipts for parts + work done), which isnt small by any means!
  4. Price drop - £10 collected, £15 posted
  5. Hmm no idea why the pics not working, will upload a new one tonight
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