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  1. have a look under your clutch pedal have a feel sounds like your pedal box go have a read of the definitive pedal box thread you might start to notice you struggle with a few more gears in the coming weeks
  2. vdublo

    Colour Help?

    go for a dark grey
  3. vdublo

    How low

    i've never discovered a speedbump i can get over without making a racket
  4. that porsche im the background is a dream more photos! Red Lupo on 13's, join the club!
  5. got mine to 100mph on 4500 revs noisy thing
  6. stop messing about and get a A3, tt's never look right in the dub scene A3 alllllll da way!
  7. looks good brother but originally i was going to say they needed to be spaced just a tad but now i think the little bit of tuck gives it a better look well done mate
  8. How many lessons with an instructor did you all have? 20 Did you drive a parents car aswell? No How long did it take you to pass? 3 months from turing 17 How many attempts? 1
  9. if i recall correctly; iirc beat me to it!
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