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  1. Can anyone link me to some wheel bolts that are the right size, I cant find any.
  2. New abs sensor on the way, and some new wheel bolts. Might see if I can take the chrome strip trim off the rear lights without Amie noticing.....
  3. worst I had from my ibiza was 19 mpg lake district roads seem to have certain effect on my driving...
  4. 74776_4317205367335_718902086_n by Aesthetic Adrenaline, on Flickr Wost picture ever i know. Just a quick snap on the iphone after I "fixed" the abs
  5. Most aftermarket bolts seem too long, was after some tuner ones really, bolt holes in the rotas are a bit tight.
  6. Thanks 23.5mm is threaded section length?
  7. Unplugged the abs sensor yesterday, The end of the sensor is smashed to bits. I now have another problem, because I'm an idiot I forgot to measure the one standard bolt that was left in the wheel. Does anyone know the length of the standard bolts? As these are now on show gonna get some nice looking ones instead of rusty crappy ones. Help?
  8. Indeed they do, sadly I think only mine will ever be so fortunate to meet the tarmac. For the lupo, photoshop will have to do.
  9. I run my ibiza on vpower, while my mpg is still normal (if not worse) My car pulled 6.5bhp more than a standard 1.4 sport, and only extra's I had was a bmc cda and vpower.
  10. Is that treyarnon bay camp site?
  11. A quick plug of my car with its new wheels... we're going rota mad aha DSC_0570 by Aesthetic Adrenaline, on Flickr
  12. Did you get the abs intruding when you did this? the abs intrusion is making it difficult to drive, as the stopping distance in significantly increased in its current state. It only does short journeys so no abs for a couple of days will be fine.
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