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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all Just had a phone call from my fiancé saying that my lupo 1.4 wasn’t revving above idle; apparently it was revving 100 rpm above idle and not going any further but sounding like it was misfiring or spluttering. I jokingly said “have you tried turning it off and on” and it worked, after starting it again it would rev all the way to redline again anyone have any idea what could’ve caused this to happen, and more importantly why turning it off and on again fixed the issue?
  2. Hi guys. Looking to know if anyone has any leads for an exhaust, induction kit, decat downpipe, manifold etc. And does anyone know how strong the stock camshaft on the Lupo 1.4 75bhp is and if it could take about 100bhp? Any other modding tips would be appreciated. I’m new to the game with Lupos and wanted to know where I would stand before I bought one. I don’t want to be told to just swap the engine as I’m really not capable of that lol. I was hoping to go for just a bit more power but mainly a low and slow build.
  3. Just trying to find out what year onwards the 1.4s cars became fly by wire rather than cable. Or if someone could please tell me what mine is that would be even more useful, it's a 53 plate. Thanks in advance for any responses 👍
  4. So I’ve been a member on here for a few months now, never really posted much. I bought the Lupo for £450, had a few mechanical problems, I broke the gearbox when I first started driving so had my dad sort that. I wasn’t really going to do much to the car as I didn’t really think I’d keep if for a long time. Slowly started adding stickers to the back and thought that’s all that I’d do as I didn’t think it was worth spending much on a £450 car. Here he is today, haven’t finished with him at all. I bought a few things and before I knew it he’s completely different to how he was when I first bought him. Haven’t really got many photos of the “in-between” stages. But he was a standard Lupo 1.4s. Nothing more, now he’s a little more exciting. So here he is just after I bought him. As standard as you can get. This is about half a year later, as you can see, quite a bit has changed. (Lowered, modded lights/ indicators , Tarantula alloys, wind deflectors, a load of other stuff I can’t think of.) Rear end, partially smoked and yellow tinted lights, wiper blank, stickers. Pressed plates. Splitter. Still a load to be done, spacers are on their way for the rears, fronts will then be done eventually, got some plans for the steering wheel to be changed and hopefully straight through exhaust at some point, body work needs some attention and the wheels need a good refurb. oh and here’s the gearstick and gator. Cherry/Pro Bomb fitted. Mainly bought for the fact it’ll annoy the people that live nearby. 25mm Rear Spacers fitted also. Still need to get passenger side rear wheel painted gold, along with returning the others.
  5. Genuine novice question. I may be asked to sell my father-in-laws '55plate 1.4s Lup with, hold on....16,900mls from new, as you can imagine it's pretty much like new full VW dealer history, etc, etc....has a slight mark on a bumper corner...have no idea what this possibly rare beast may be work your advice please, many thanks
  6. Hello all, I'm seeking some valuation/price advice, as I MAY be tasked with selling my father-in laws Lupo and yes, the mileage is correct...see below for the details, Can anyone sensibly advise me, I'll reply collectively once I;ve received some feed back, thank you in advance. Lupo 1.4S, A/C, '55 plate.......16,900mls, yes 16,900mls....Dealer serviced all it's life, 2 owners father and son, one 25mm x 4mm scuff on a bumber corner and a 20mm craze in paint of rear bumper top, other than that, unmarked inside and out. What could it be worth?
  7. hello i had made another topic some time ago.I need your appreciated help again!!! after much search around Greece for 1.6 engine no avy or arc around at all. i found an ajv one from a polo with 180.000 kilometers.There is no gearbox so i need to know if i can use mine. As much i have read its an engine with 120 hp power and drive by cable(mine is also dbc).I can also buy with this the ecu,the driveshafts with the brakes and the clocks. there is no loom(i have found one on ebay for 200 euros!!!). so the questions are these; 1)can i use my gearbox? 2)i need only the engine loom right?if so any possibility used from another model?or only from ajv? 3)the driveshafts will fit in lupo?both front and back? 4)my car doesnt have abs will i be able to use? 5)are the engine mounts the same as are with avy? 6)as long as i have the ajv exhaust manifold will i be able for start to use the rest of the exhaust? 7)any other loom i can use? the engine,ecu,driveshafts and clocks will cost me somewhere around 500 euros is there anything else i will need and i forget i do?i need to have a budget on my mind to decide whats better.
  8. Hi everyone my names Kelly, I have a yellow Lupo 1.4s that I love dearly. However I've had it many many years now and I no longer have a need for a car. I wanted the car to go to a loved home. Someone who would give it some TLC that it needs and value it. I'm new to this club and am not actually sure if your allowed to sell cars on here so I apologise now if that's not allowed. Like I said I wanted to reach out to people who love lupos as much as me and who maybe wanted a new project to work on. If anyone's interested in purchasing it please get in touch and we can talk more about it. Best wishes.
  9. Hi Everyone My driver's window regulator broke about a year ago, but due to work commitments and not having the time to, I have only recently replaced it, once it was replaced I discovered that the motor was very weak, I put this down to it not being used of a year and it had began to seize, so I have also replaced that. With these both changed, I'm still experiencing problems where the window won't go back up and on the rare occasion I get it to, it doesn't have the strength to get to the top and just either stops or goes back down. To be clear the window opens like normal but won't close as it should. I'm not sure what could be causing the problem, I removed the window seals and checked their condition, they do seem to be aged, but when I operated the window with them removed that problem was still there. I also checked the motor and it was getting very hot from the load. I'm concerned it could be a wiring issue? or maybe I've been an idiot and fitted the components wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated Andy
  10. So I have bought a new lupo for my second car! Will be driving it soon!
  11. Hi everyone, just bought my first car which happens to be a 1.4s Lupo. I've been looking on this site for a few months which got me interested in a Lupo. I think the colour is quite rare as i don't see many about or online this colour. Picked it up last weekend and gave it a wash. The owner before me hadn't driven it for months so it was covered in leaves and spiders EVERYWHERE Just got round to machine polishing the bonnet and the rest of the car will be done over the next few weeks. The car was put on 60mm (I think) Lowering springs by a previous owner and i don't think it looks too bad! Wants to go lower on the rear but as a start it's not bad! I'll stop typing now and post some pictures! Cheers, Adam Machine Polished the bonnet, got a few nasty scratches out but not all! :-( My BMX just about fits! Although i think a roof rack would be more practical Gave the engine bay a quick clean and noticed there is some sort of cover missing! Im thinking it's a '1.4 16v' badge (I'll post a closer pic soon)
  12. Hey! This is my lovely little 1.4s OpenAir Lupo, I got her standard, ran perfectly, bar the leak from the roof (now fixed so I don't go round a bend and get soaked!) Since then I've replaced the standard 13" rims with my 15s from the golf( stupidly sold my bbs with the car -.- ) but it's worked nicer than I expected Car has also been lowered, it needed it ... I have many plans for this car, so watch this space Gee x
  13. Hey! This is my lovely little 1.4s OpenAir Lupo, I got her standard, ran perfectly, bar the leak from the roof (now fixed so I don't go round a bend and get soaked!) Since then I've replaced the standard 13" rims with my 15s from the golf( stupidly sold my bbs with the car -.- ) but it's worked nicer than I expected Car has also been lowered, it needed it ... I have many plans for this car, so watch this space Gee x
  14. Hi, i recently fitted a lupo sport inlet manifold and throttle body to my 1.4s but ive had problems with the car such as rough idling. The car sounds as if its cammed when at idle. On occasion the car will also cut revs and wont rev at all, i do have engine codes and i have checked them, it says P0106 - MAP/Barometric Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Problem It also says fuel bank trim 1, i have replaced the map sensor but did not fix the problem. The car is fitted with a gti throttle body which has extra vacuum pipes that don't connect up to my engine. I was wondering if it was just a case of there not being enough fuel and that it just needs mapping but am unsure if it is something else. Does anyone have any ideas to what it could be?
  15. Just updating the photos better quality, Front View Passenger front side Side View Passenger rear side Rear view Drivers rear wing Drivers front wing Damaged spot light front Interior Back Interior Engine Bought it beginning of January, its got less than 70k on the clock with a full service history it's 2001 plate also am the 3rd owner from new too. It's got a few scuffs around the bumpers but will be going in for a complete respray ASAP, will probably have it viper green, it's the new sicrocco GT colour hopefully it will look good, also i am debating on wether or not to have it reprayed a nice gloss white. list of jobs i have in mind over the next following months Jom coilovers* (was unsure which ones to purchase but after reading peoples comments on the site i will propbably end up getting them as budget isnt huge)Paint Job* (haven't made got any quotes on costing yet, but depending on cost it will either be Viper Green or Gloss white, as there are quite a few small scuffs on the car so just feel a fresh new colour would do it a world of good.TintingHavent really got any more ideas other than whats above, so open to suggestions.
  16. Its been almost a year since I bought our 1.4s Blue Lupo. I feel its about time it had its own thread in regards to the work we've done. Last year, sitting in a pub in Conwy I thought it would be nice to suprise my wife with her first car. She had past her test 5 years previous, but due to pregnancy and birth of our first (and then second) child, she never got round to driving. I sat in the Liverpool arms in Conwy with my brother in law looking at a little picture of a Blue 1.4s Lupo for sale. Maybe it was the beer, as it was a random purchase. I had the cost and how much I was prepared to invest in some 'fixes'. The advert said the car was in good condition, was tidy, had covered 68,646 miles and had 12 months MOT. At £900 it felt worth a punt. So I bought it. Here are some pictures of the car from the advert: It looked fairly tidy and standard. The day came to collect. When I got there the car looked ok, though I noticed the drivers and passenger side door drop, with the drivers side being quite severe. Fair game I thought for the age. Body work was great, small indent on left rear panel, but other wise, great. I handed over the cash and took the keys and documents and made my way. Thats when the issues started. First off the steering wheel was off centre, and there was a lot of play in the steering wheel. Then there was the gearbox noise. This was horrendous in gears 3 and 4 - later I read up and found this is a common issue with Lupo gearboxes and bearings. Then the engine warning light came on - due to low oil levels. A couple of stops on the motorway and fill up of oil helped this. The drinks holder was snapped and there was no stereo. I started to feel gutted, this was nothing like advertised. I contemplated taking the previous owner through ebay and raising an issue through them to get my money back. Part of me felt like I could get it all fixed and it would be a good little car. The previous owner (lets call her Katie) was a ****, she did not want to know, she tried to make out there was nothing wrong with the gearbox, that the steering was fine etc. I couldn't be bothered, plus it was my own fault for being a plonker and buying a car in this way (on the spur). I decided to get the car sorted and give it a good home. So I had the following carried out soon after purchase: * New door straps and hinges * Dodgy temp sender replaced * Gearbox rebuilt by Top Gear Transmissions in Liverpool - absolutely brilliant! * New clutch - fitted by Top Gear Transmissions at time of gearbox work * Bought a new steering column from ebay (as the existing was was totally knackered) * New Cambelt kit * New Catalytic converter * Full service The car was starting to come together. The gearbox is now sweet and I caught it in time, so its the original box with new bearings and it feels good to drive. I also removed the tint window film and also replaced the 'blacked out' rear lights for standard ones. Bought off a nice chap on this forum. When the steering column was fitted, there was no airbag giro, so the airbag light was on - this was taped up for the short term. Here are some pics: This was how the car was until this month. I have now carried out the following: * New airbag giro * VCDS cable purchased * New drinks holder * Sony stereo fitted * New parcel shelf (previous owner had made their own). * Interim service * Passed MOT During the year, I bought some 15" CMS Alloys 7J ET38 off my brother inlaw who has Yellow Lupo Sport (Curly Custard) and they sat in my garage for months. Not sure whether to keep them or sell them - I'd had enough of paying out and didn't want to put the new wheels on the car at the height it was. So in January I bought some Koni 40mm lowering springs and some new bump stops and tops mounts from Dale. And today I had them fitted, with huge thanks to JoeA - he really is a top lad, helped me out a few times, and his mate Brian. Here is a pic of my car loaded up ready to go and get 'sorted': Here is Joe and Brian working hard: Here are some pictures of my lovely Lupo now - the wheels have 195 / 50 and I think they fit the arch nicely at this height: So there you have it. This is a smashing little car now, a lot of money spent - but I've given it a good home and brought it back up to standard. A big thanks to JoeA who's been brilliant with the VCDS and helping get that sorted and also today - this car looks great thanks to you. The next thing is to replace the thermostat as its stuck open, which I will do tomorrow. Other than that, I'm going to enjoy it, and my wifes driving it now too. cheers for reading/ looking. Matt
  17. Good evening all! I've been around on this forum for quite a while now and thought I would introduce myself and my little car now I have some photos and stuff done to it! Bought her actually a couple of years ago now before I passed my test, 35000 miles on the clock for £1900 and in sweet condition! She stayed standard for like agesss 'cause I was a poor/lazy A level student with no job. But lo and behold I've joined the 9 to 5 crew and finally have MONIES. So pic of her standard when I bought her So far mods are: Lowered 40mm Spax springs Crap Vibe subwoofer thing & Sony head unit (needed my choonage) Black Badges (upside down back one 'cause it kinda resembled an 'M' ) De-wipered rear Mudflappers ... and that's about it. PLANS: Coilies Wheels Door mirrors - got some cheeky little chrome bullet style ones already, pic up soon. Colour code bumpers Thinking of some custom graphics hmm.. Some more shiny stuff Enough speech, here she is as of now ....and you may ask why "Nody" - my dyslexic friend attempted to write "Noddy" on the back of my car but missed out a 'd' so Nody she became. Teehee. Ciao.Mx
  18. I am looking to swap my current wheels off my 1.4s for some steels. These are mine. good condition with good tread. The are 14" Im looking for some 14" steel wheels with good tyres and cash my way (offers of around £100 i think is fair) as there really isnt anything wrong with these i just want the steels for an experiement. If however you would like to just buy these off me then im open to offers. Ill take better pictures and get more info about tread etc when i get home. Thanks, John
  19. Hello. Owned my Lupo for nearly a month now, gone from driving a Volvo V70 (beast) to Vincent, my little Lupo. I have to say, it's fun being able to take corners at speed again Few wear and tear marks, but generally looking alright! My brother testing the suspension
  20. Here are some pictures of my vw lupo 1.4 s it has coilovers but head gaskets gone but not bad for £150 without coilovers, when i first got it was **** not going to lie, so I cleaned it up amd put for coilys on it i put new brake lines and all new brakes on it, needs headgasket sorting now any ideas how much it's gunna cost me cheers TOM!!!! xx MY CAR: http://s1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj622/tommysmee123/?action=view&current=406358_2414427476480_1125100687_31959995_2037999764_n.jpg
  21. I test drove a Lupo sport today noticed it had disc brakes on the back I was wondering if the 1.4s has disc or drum brakes. Anyone know?
  22. After a Lupo/Arosa sport, got £1500 cash on me, Please let me know (inbox) if there's any for sale!!! cheers, Kaeten.
  23. To0m123


    lupo 1.4s need both door locks with a key? both barrels are mashed on my my car likes to keep opening the windows and not locking so need asap. post on here or pm me.
  24. I am selling My Black VW Lupo 1.4s, I'm looking at 2k with Ronal Turbos, or £1750 w/o them, I still have the original wheels so i'd chuck those in for 2k too, i just want them out of the garage! I'm in the Midlands - Swadlincote Spec: V - Reg Engine - 1.4s Milage - 97k Heated Leather interior (GTI) CD Player (standard) Electric windows/ sunroof Very clean and tidy inside and out Ronal turbos - Not in mint condition, but definately not shabby! ...they always get the head turning they deserve.. Custom centre exhaust Pressed Plates Body work is in good condition for it's age, a few scratches from carparks etc, nothing a T-Cut wouldn't sort out. It will probably need an oil change soon as it kicks out a bit of cloud when it starts sometimes, but that's the only fault! Drop me a text - 07878082274 or Personal message if there is anything you want to know/or that i have forgotten! Rachael
  25. Hello, got 4 standard 13in steel wheels off a 1.4S. Not sure why anyone would want them, maybe if anyone's putting their car back to standard I guess! 2 have got a bit of tread on them, the other two will need new tyres. Haven't got the wheel trims unfortunately. Free to a good home, collection from just outside Portsmouth. Cheers, Matt
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