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  1. if you have time give a look to other questions also.can i make something to my own box to get it stronger?i would prefer to keep mine in order to have faster changes
  2. its 16v as much as i know its the engine from polo 6n http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-6-16V-VW-GTI-AJV-Motor-UMBAUPAKET-UMBAUKIT-Polo-6N-/180692322790?hash=item2a121a09e6:m:mOw8FrbGJcsqP78mlftCF_w&vxp=mtr like that is the engine and also afh as much i read from your site is only good to make an hybrid by using its head with 1.6 bottom.afh isnt also 101 hp?
  3. hello i had made another topic some time ago.I need your appreciated help again!!! after much search around Greece for 1.6 engine no avy or arc around at all. i found an ajv one from a polo with 180.000 kilometers.There is no gearbox so i need to know if i can use mine. As much i have read its an engine with 120 hp power and drive by cable(mine is also dbc).I can also buy with this the ecu,the driveshafts with the brakes and the clocks. there is no loom(i have found one on ebay for 200 euros!!!). so the questions are these; 1)can i use my gearbox? 2)i need only the engine loom ri
  4. yes of course its a better starting point.As i mention i got panked from the guy that sold me the car that was a friend of my cousin,that this was 100bhp car....bad karma at all...
  5. congrats for providing so much info,2 fast questions if i got that right if there is no abs on your car(1.4 engine akq code) then after the convert you wont have clocks lighten? and second way isnt there a way to use cable throttle body and original sport pedals?As long as i know there are cabled throttle body for 1.4 sport.The sport and the gtis t.b have the same diameter right?
  6. hello mate,i have already disc brakes upgraded all round but the suspension set is something that i should search futurely what to do about
  7. man i used to hate red on cars but yours looks WOW! Very very nice job,keep up! (i prefer the wheels you have now,but i prefer the previous interior but thats just personal)
  8. Hello mate I do not like at all arosa to tell you the truth,and we have lupo sports we do not have original gtis.I have been inside a cousin of mine converted gti with cams though and it was something that I would like to live as an experience in my car.from which point sports is a better basis;had searched some time ago the amount of money needed to import a gti but it was really really expensive.Without calculating the money for transferring the car I needed 2.500 euros just for import taxes etc.so if gti costs around 6-7 I would need 10.000!
  9. sure about that mate?as long as that s sure and there are no lupos gti in Greece,is it possible to fit the polo gti clocks(the one with the round clock on top) in lupo dash?and then add at top the round plastic cover gtis have?
  10. Hello rich as i can understand you have too much knowledge of lupo converts etc,if you have some time to help me i would be grateful
  11. 3)ok i will send him (loopmuscle is Rich?) 7)as long as i change interior loom,car clocks and my dashboard has taken damage from sun its a job to be done. Thank you for your time mate,i really appreciate it,you helped me a a lot! big ups from Greece!
  12. 3)ok really nice that was a big concern of mine,can i also use the same throttle body?or i need to fing one cabled from lupo sport?or from another model? 6)i will look further for that 7)my lupo has not a glovebox but from checking pics from another lupo for share i think 1.0 i saw a one there looking identical to that one from 6n2.thats why i tend to believe its almost the same.
  13. thank you for your answers really appreciate your time for reading and answering,some subquestions if you have time 3)that means that i wont need polo gti pedals and that i wont have problem with ecu which normally used by wire? 6)can if i change exhaust system to get it midle of the bumper or will it remain left?i can use from a polo gti then? I have readen many topics around here for 4-1 manifold performance from ashley,awesome etc is there an option of 4-2-1 manifold around?i would prefer not to make a custom if possible 7)when you say with some work will it need to be cutted?d
  14. hello mate i havent thought the idea of importing from Italy or Spain,but i had searched it from importing from Germany and for such an old car the taxes were extremely high. i have readen many times this topic its really helpfull but i think did not solve some parts of my questions as 3,5,6,7,9 i forgot to mention that i am not going to do this convert myself,i will go to mechanic to do it for me.But because its a car and an engine not really succeed in Greece i tend to trust more people like so i really know what needs to be done and not pay things not needed or even worse something go
  15. First of all hi to all members of this club,i have readen so many topics of this forum,you are doing a great job. My name is John and i am from Greece,unfortunately not so much lupo-lovers there so not much info on our blogs/forums even mechanics. At this point before i ask you my questions i will ask you to forgive me for any language mistakes,i really try to use English correctly. I know from other topics you would suggest go sell your lupo s and buy a lupo gti,but in Greece there are no gti at all.There are 2-3 that are converted to 1.6 but no GTI at all and no 6speed gearboxes.I hav
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