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  1. Pair of genuine VW roof bars for a Lupo, lockabe type, in good condition Will pay up to £50 for a nice pair...oooer!
  2. Appologes, didn't receive a notification Sausage, many thanks though
  3. appologies, if a reply was previously posted, I had no notification..appreciate your comments, it seems it's probably worth keeping/kept running and storing for now, or as was mentioned good 'ol eBay - thank you all for you feedback, much appreciated
  4. Genuine novice question. I may be asked to sell my father-in-laws '55plate 1.4s Lup with, hold on....16,900mls from new, as you can imagine it's pretty much like new full VW dealer history, etc, etc....has a slight mark on a bumper corner...have no idea what this possibly rare beast may be work your advice please, many thanks
  5. Hello all, I'm seeking some valuation/price advice, as I MAY be tasked with selling my father-in laws Lupo and yes, the mileage is correct...see below for the details, Can anyone sensibly advise me, I'll reply collectively once I;ve received some feed back, thank you in advance. Lupo 1.4S, A/C, '55 plate.......16,900mls, yes 16,900mls....Dealer serviced all it's life, 2 owners father and son, one 25mm x 4mm scuff on a bumber corner and a 20mm craze in paint of rear bumper top, other than that, unmarked inside and out. What could it be worth?
  6. Monty

    Hello & Help

    Much appreciate the comprehensive info, hear what your saying, will try local dealer Esplanade and as you have them raise an ETKA ticket....then it's down to cost. Thank you again ?
  7. Monty

    Hello & Help

    Good evening all...just a quick hi and hello as a new member. Looking forward to being a member and some help from time.to time. I do have an opening question, which is where might I source a 2003 Lupo "Cambridge" tailgate badge.... Regards and good Luping all!!!
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