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  1. Thanks dude! Ill get my bolt metre on it tomorrow!
  2. Thanks dude! That sounds about right how much did you pay for one?? And did it sort it??
  3. I will have a look dude! It may need a power steering pump or some fluid init, and ill ask my mate to do a code read on it! Thanks for the advice matey!
  4. Cheers dude! Just ordered hids! And wheels spacers for front so I can get my new wheels on the front! But it has been acting really funny tonight and cut out on me!
  5. For a while my lupo 1.4s has been acting up! Firstly there is a loud noise happening when I turn at low speeds any who can help?? Secondly Tick over is usually at 700 revs and all of a sudden will go up to 1000 what is this? Thirdly tonight whilst driving home my battery light came on and the lights went off and stereo went off windows didn't work, sub was making a funny noise lights went out and when I got around the corner from my house it cut out and wouldn't start then I rolled it down the hill to dump it and ragged it around the block just to get it home what has happened? I think it m
  6. this is my thread of my car! i've had my car since i was 15 and im now 18! so ive found some photos from ages ago to show how i got it and stuff! hope you enjoy ill keep you updated on new mods and general stuff! This is how i brought it for £150! the headgasket has gone and needs new brakes and lots more! i've already sprayed my badges and added a few stickers i got it off a old american guy! First mod was to take the rear wiper off! [url=http://s1271.photobucket.com/user/tommysmee123/media/P1020233.jpg.html Coilovers came! Lupos off to get fixed! and mot'ed had to higher it to fit on low
  7. What size springs did you get made?? Like what's all the dimensions so I can get a quote off someone
  8. sickkk! gunna do it soon!
  9. Cheers guys I only want alittle bit not too much!
  10. Hello I really want camber on rear and I've heard you can do it with washers? Can someone tell me how to or post a link where it says how? Cheers Tom
  11. dont like decals, they look like a bad tan line on a fat girl.
  12. Does anyone know where I can get my steels banded around the Nottinghamshire area??
  13. is it be possible to swap the vw lupo lower bumper for the seat one, just wondered because the seat arosa one looks sick with the vents and the lip!
  14. i have the same one as this didnt know they were the colour concept ones, but saying that this is the first ive seen with the 1.4 16v engine that i have
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