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  1. It's at the top? Or do you mean in the post title?
  2. £1100 ONO Lupo 1.4 S 75bhp, red and black cloth interior. 92k miles with service history, has been well looked after (I've had it for four years, 2 owners previously). Super reliable, cheap to insure and run, never had any major problems.It is due MOT next week which I will get sorted for new owner.The car will come AS IS, with all mods, which are as follows (off the top of my head):- Lowered on coilovers- 13" 8J ATS Classics with Yokohama tyres (minor stretch), decent tread left.- Hidden aftermarket backbox - sounds a little deeper than standard.- Small "old" style chrome mirrors & d
  3. According to my service history, the Lupo had its cambelt changed at 25,117 miles, in late 2008 so just over 4 years ago. Not sure why they had it done so early, but I was wondering when should I next get it done? The car is on 55k now.. Does this seem a bit weird that they changed it so early? I thought you didn't have to change it until 60k or something. Confused!
  4. Parked opposite a yellow Seat whose alarm kept going off! Then a low white Lupo, wide banded steels, shiny Merc trims, and also a black Arosa.
  5. I'll be there! Might come along to Asda to drive up too !
  6. I was in lectures for the day, came back to this haha. I couldn't get out of the space for a few days 'cause it collapsed and froze into solid ice. Luckily I'd stocked up on food.
  7. My Uni friends are so normal.
  8. Holy **** that is lush! Is is still on Pistonheads??? I can't find it!
  9. Oh wow there are wheel ideas coming out of my ears now I'm so picky They are nice, bit different to the usual.
  10. Yeah I agree. But they came up cheap and couldn't really afford much else! And they do look nice.
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