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  1. It's at the top? Or do you mean in the post title?
  2. £1100 ONO Lupo 1.4 S 75bhp, red and black cloth interior. 92k miles with service history, has been well looked after (I've had it for four years, 2 owners previously). Super reliable, cheap to insure and run, never had any major problems.It is due MOT next week which I will get sorted for new owner.The car will come AS IS, with all mods, which are as follows (off the top of my head):- Lowered on coilovers- 13" 8J ATS Classics with Yokohama tyres (minor stretch), decent tread left.- Hidden aftermarket backbox - sounds a little deeper than standard.- Small "old" style chrome mirrors & door handles to match.- Custom sprayed body coloured front bumper- Black badges- Small aerial.- Back de-wipered- Aftermarket head-unit (Sony) and subwoofer in boot (Vibe LiteAir Compact 12")I'm hoping someone else will enjoy it as much as I have, it has turned a lot of heads in the last few years! Perfect first car for someone who's just passed their test and wants to get involved in the modded car scene.Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Contact me on 07716 373510
  3. According to my service history, the Lupo had its cambelt changed at 25,117 miles, in late 2008 so just over 4 years ago. Not sure why they had it done so early, but I was wondering when should I next get it done? The car is on 55k now.. Does this seem a bit weird that they changed it so early? I thought you didn't have to change it until 60k or something. Confused!
  4. Parked opposite a yellow Seat whose alarm kept going off! Then a low white Lupo, wide banded steels, shiny Merc trims, and also a black Arosa.
  5. I'll be there! Might come along to Asda to drive up too !
  6. I was in lectures for the day, came back to this haha. I couldn't get out of the space for a few days 'cause it collapsed and froze into solid ice. Luckily I'd stocked up on food.
  7. My Uni friends are so normal.
  8. Holy **** that is lush! Is is still on Pistonheads??? I can't find it!
  9. Oh wow there are wheel ideas coming out of my ears now I'm so picky They are nice, bit different to the usual.
  10. Yeah I agree. But they came up cheap and couldn't really afford much else! And they do look nice.
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