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  1. I am selling My Black VW Lupo 1.4s, I'm looking at 2k with Ronal Turbos, or £1750 w/o them, I still have the original wheels so i'd chuck those in for 2k too, i just want them out of the garage! I'm in the Midlands - Swadlincote Spec: V - Reg Engine - 1.4s Milage - 97k Heated Leather interior (GTI) CD Player (standard) Electric windows/ sunroof Very clean and tidy inside and out Ronal turbos - Not in mint condition, but definately not shabby! ...they always get the head turning they deserve.. Custom centre exhaust Pressed Plates Body work is in good condition for it's age, a few scratches fr
  2. Oioi I am looking for some new wheels for My Lupo S.. It's black so a nice contrasting colour or even black itself so tbf no preference in colour if they're sprayable, I have been browsing, but if anyones selling owt or spotted owt.. Give Me a heads up! May make the process quicker! Rachael
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