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  1. This is looking good! I like the wheels in the off black colour, don't think i have ever seen them that colour before.
  2. mrjoy0509

    15' rh cups

    I think they suit the car pretty well!
  3. Anyone got any box dimension for any builds they have done? Thanks
  4. Last update of today! Really need to post more! Tinted my side indicators They match the new rears
  5. The red lupo is now gone but I swapped the wheels over before I sold it, didn't like these nasty fake splits! Also got my coilovers fitted! A small little update on the wheels started the polishing and the centers are off to get powder coated!
  6. Added a bit of wrap to the inside of the car to match the GTI clocks.Did wrap in my last car, came out better this time!
  7. Sorry for lack of updates! Picked up a set of BBS RX2's in need of a refurb!
  8. Hi, I am stuck choosing my subwoofer I am looking at a JL subwoofer but can't choose between 10 or 12 inch? Will the 12 look to big for the boot floor or will the 10 look a bit small? Thanks in advance
  9. Some updates! Coilovers ordered and picked up a set of wheels! Undecided what colour to paint them!
  10. Haha, yeah I know it's low end but just starting out , might upgrade in the future!
  11. So would the sub and amp combo i put up be an ok match?
  12. http://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-pioneer-gm-a3602_p-31984.htm And http://caraudiosecurity.com/kfc-w112s-12-subwoofer
  13. Was wondering if anyone had any plans or anything for making a sunken subwoofer in the boot. Seen a few I like on the ICE sections just don't really know where to start! Also if my sub is rated 200rms and my amp 185 at 4om or 225 which would be better? Thanks
  14. Well one bump strip was falling off so I decided to take it all off! Unfortunately some paint has flaked off behind it! So looks like they will be staying on Anyone got any tips of what to stick it back on with ?
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