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  1. That's great, thanks for the help 😁
  2. Just trying to find out what year onwards the 1.4s cars became fly by wire rather than cable. Or if someone could please tell me what mine is that would be even more useful, it's a 53 plate. Thanks in advance for any responses 👍
  3. Unfortunately I don't have the finances for this atm, otherwise I'd be all over it 😕
  4. Yes I expected it would be expensive. I had plans for air suspension and some other stuff, but now I'm considering the engine conversion instead so the cost works out about the same. Thanks for all the help man 👍
  5. Thanks, that's an interesting point about the gearbox being on the other side 🤔 in all honesty I'd be most likely getting a garage to carry out the work as this would be beyond my realms. There's just this idea stuck in my head of a lovechild between a Lupo and a Kanjo Civic 😂
  6. Has anyone ever swapped a Honda B series engine or anything similar into their Lupo? Is it even possible? I know a Polo GTi conversion would be miles easier but tbh if I was going to put in the effort to engine swap I'd want to make something a bit more unique. Any help or information is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance 👍
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