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  1. Didn't even know there was a freecycle section now, not been on here in a while! Cheers
  2. Bump, free to a good home!
  3. Hello, got 4 standard 13in steel wheels off a 1.4S. Not sure why anyone would want them, maybe if anyone's putting their car back to standard I guess! 2 have got a bit of tread on them, the other two will need new tyres. Haven't got the wheel trims unfortunately. Free to a good home, collection from just outside Portsmouth. Cheers, Matt
  4. Tell me about it, that car is stunning. Surprised I've not seen it before!
  5. One of my housemates just emailed me this link at work, thought you guys would appreciate it too! It should load straight to the street view-view, if you see what I mean. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source....95069&z=15
  6. wally_j


    Same here, join the anti-BNP one too!
  7. wally_j


    Whatever your political persuasion, if you ever get the chance to vote then take it! Voter apathy amongst the mainstream means that extremist fringe parties will do much better than they would otherwise, because the nutters and obsessives who support them will definitely get out there and vote. Look at what happened with Jean Marie Le Pen and the French National Front in 2002. As for the BNP, the comparisons with the Nazi party are fair. Immigration is a problem for the UK, but extreme right wing parties are not the solution. Also, it's easy to make promises you can't deliver, but I guess that
  8. My 1.4S has just failed its MOT coz of the emissions, the garage just called me and said it needs a new cat.
  9. I called GSF about this and they said I need a new wiper linkage which is roughly £4, but they told me they don't sell them so I'd have to go to a main dealer. I called two main dealers and they both quoted me £41! Can anyone point me in the right direction? I don't wanna pay 10 times too much.
  10. Yeah Lorraine needs a slap, and very soon. No one's mentioned Howard though, he's probably the second most annoying after Ben, he looks like a stoned insomniac bloodhound.
  11. This has just happened to my Loop as well, does anyone know what the name of the part is?
  12. I've found I get better MPG with V-Power too in my 1.4, maybe an extra 20-30 miles per tank? I'm hoping for an invite to the V-Power club too :->
  13. wally_j


    Since buying my black Lupo last month, I've noticed that the paintwork has swirls in it, like someone has washed it with a scouring pad. It is only noticeable in bright sunlight or at night under a streetlamp, but I'd still like to get it sorted - short of a full respray, can anyone recommend anything? Thanks, Wally_J
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