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  1. im on 107K and rapidly increasing as i do over 600 miles a week commuting to work and back.
  2. Lamborghini Miura. Simply one of the most beautiful cars ever designed
  3. Id imagine so. 18's would be too much and a little to Max Power for my liking
  4. it shouldn't work,like said above but it does. I'm pleasantly surprised! a set are going on eBay for around £500.
  5. ps they are not AMG, they are OEM mercades wheels and people have just put AMG center caps on them
  6. they are called Mercedes Segin wheels also known as 6 slot tear drops 18x8 inch
  7. cheers, hopefully things are starting to come together now. Its a bit of a pain getting the ball rolling as i want to do everything all at once, ha.
  8. OK guys, upon deciding what wheels to go for and whether they would fit. I used a Tyre guide calculator and came up with a number of options. I also noticed people were asking about the same type of wheels and if they would fit. Below is a quick Photoshop of how a variety of wheels compare to each other and should give you a better understanding if they will fit or not. Simple to read, provided some annotation. Enjoy. Tyre sizes Original VW wheel 185/55/14 Banded Steel 175/50/13 Minilite 145/60/13 Weller 175/50/13 Wire 155/55/14 Porsche teledial 165/45/15 These m
  9. what colour and condition is the bonnet?
  10. how much for the two decent 14" Nankang tyres delivered to coventry? as your other two may as well be thrown away. Thanks John
  11. PS If you wanted to know who had the lowest VW out of our old meet then he is the result. Sorry about the size of the picture
  12. so for anyone who is interested,here are some pictures of my previous VW's My 1983 Mk1 with a 1.8 16V GTi engine conversion ( i was big into the rat look/ couldnt care less look) Then i started to care and got myself this and restored her; 1989 Mk1 Karmen Clipper 1.8 Gti in the mean time between both of those cars i got myself this beauty that i picked up from London for free and drove it home with only 2 gears (3rd and 4th) If i needed to reverse or turn around i had to get out and push. (gear linkage had snapped) 1985 mK1 Cabby 1.8GTi, the engine was mint and only done 40,000 genuine miles
  13. It's a 52 plate and yes all the history is for the car with this engine. Had cam belt done last year as well with all receipts and invoices there. It seems like it was a decent car before rear ender. I work for a consultancy in Oxford now but before I worked at Aston Martin and then Recaro in Germany designing luxury chairs for high end cars
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