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    lupo 1.4s need both door locks with a key? both barrels are mashed on my my car likes to keep opening the windows and not locking so need asap. post on here or pm me.
  2. alright mate need the doors or lock barrels with keys? and where abouts do you live?
  3. what colour is it? plus what ended did he smash up lol
  4. off a VW lupo s my bonnet is all stone chiped and the bumper is a different red so i need another one. Would also think about a black bonnet, let me know. x
  5. just had a new engine rebuild on my lupo 1.4 s however when the engine was being put back in we broke the pipe on the egr valve its only a plastic pipe but its broke so i cannot bodge it, i was wondering if any other valves fitted? because these are like £130 from the dealer. cheers
  6. Might aswell go all out and put gti in.
  7. To0m123

    Silver gti

    not a member maybe!
  8. To0m123

    Silver gti

    parked in staples car park think it was a girl driving, car had black wheels.
  9. what size speakers will fit in the parcel shelf though because 6 by 9's are too big? just front speakers with a sub isn't good enough!
  10. Golf looks sweet though mate! welcome
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