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  1. I'd interested in some panels off that potentially.
  2. If anyone is vaguely interested in this I've just noticed its still sitting in my garage. Will probably eBay it if it's of no use to anyone.
  3. Not complicated in the slightest, plugs straight into dash and my gps receiver sat in the upper part of the dash. Let me know if you are interested, it also has a Dension iPod kit attached to it but this is for a 30pin dock connector device rather than a lightning connector like modern Apple devices.
  4. Its been awhile since the MOT that uncovered the bust damper but from what I understand you are correct. And yes I have some components for the rears, when its light I will snap what's there and add to the thread. As for how much, make me an offer of whatever you feel they are worth. 👍
  5. I have one of these that has just come out my Lupo. Can't see myself ever using it again and not bothered about keeping it around the garage forever so is anyone interested? Looks like this one:
  6. Have some coilovers that have been on my Lupo GTI. They are very well used, and in fact one is damaged and unuseable. However; these might be good for parts for someone, so if anyone is interested let me know. Quick pic, there are some other bits to these in a box in the garage! I'm in Shropshire, happy to post but as we know these are heavy! But not impossible to send.
  7. Got a part number for the set of 4 from VW by any chance?
  8. I'm a complete hypocrite though, just bought a TDI Scirocco that has sod all miles on it despite being three years old, condition and spec was perfect also so it wasn't just the 16k miles that attracted. However, in using, miles don't put me off, we just stick em on the car, have fun, and not worry about it.
  9. I've done exactly 100k in a shade under 10 years of ownership. Personally, I doubt many people get to their death bed and think, oooh, I wish I'd done LESS miles on my car. Cars are for driving, anything else is a museuem piece.
  10. I can't remember off hand, I need to fish out the invoice before I go to them anyway so I will report back. Whats the correct part number, and I guess, how much *should* it cost?
  11. Thats an option, but why settle for that if a part has been paid for and fitted but is incorrect. I could paint it, I could pay someone to paint it, I could ask you to paint it for me, but why should I? Poor service is poor service, I expect not to pay for poor service, or have to bear the costs of poor service.
  12. Slightly annoying yes! I'd have been more than happy to pay if it hadn't come painted, as I wouldn't expect them, or even VW to bear the cost of that. I'd have also been happy waiting, as I want the job done right. They pride themselves on using only VW parts. In fact, when my cambelt snapped they made a point of showing me the non-VW part that Midland VW (an indie that has, or used to have, a near faultless reputation in these parts in previous years) used a couple of years previously. I use independents not because of the cost saving, its because I had even worse service than this. That sai
  13. <Severely delayed reply> You can see I don't come on here all that often any longer! Apologies, your reply Jon was very concise. I tend to get grumpy about the ride quality in winter time, you know how it is when your commuting and you've yet again had your fillings come out due to another pot hole and I curse the day I ever swapped. So, in the end I had to go for a new replacement single unit. The VW indie that was doing the work were unhappy with having a car with no suspension sitting in their work shop while KW turned the unit around to rebuild it. I can't say I blamed them, so I ju
  14. As it says above really. Had to have a new rear caliper when it was last serviced (the other three are still the originals), but it came unpainted. Is this normal? It was supplied and fitted by an independant garage I (mostly) trust, what annoyed me was they fitted it and made no mention of it not being red, I'd have happily paid for it to be painted if thats how they come from VW however. Made me wonder if it had been supplied by a VW garage would they have painted it before fitting? Perhaps.
  15. AndyW

    Silver GTI L4UPO

    Ah the reg I always wanted to buy but couldn't. Couldn't really afford it when Rob was selling his car (around 2006/7?) and someone bought it. It was being sold aroundabout 2008 (willcrook?) at the same time he was selling his car. Offered him a good price but I *think* he let the plate go with the car in the end which was immensely frustrating as I was desperate for that plate! I'm never chasing that plate again with the theory that if I don't bother trying it'll somehow come together and 'happen'.
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