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  1. drivers side vent - first you have to take the light controls out. what you have to do is push the knob in and turn it to the right, this will unclip it and it just pulls out and unplugs. directly behind, theres a torx screw, undo this and the vent should come out. passenger side vent - pry the vent out with a small flathead. centre pieces - take your headunit out along with the cubby hole or cup holders or whatever you have in the gap. then, theres a torx screw right at the back in the middle, and one in each side. once youve undone all 3, the first bit will pull right out. the windscreen vent piece is plastic welded in and you have to break these welds to get it out. just get a screw driver underneath and pry it off and they will break. piece then just lifts off. dont be afraid when your taking that bit off though, feels like youre breakig things, but dont worry, you have to! hope this helps!
  2. It's fiddly! But you got it, just try using a few small flatheads to unclip them kinda at the same time. It's only the clips holding it, nothing else! Hope that helps!
  3. havent had any real updates in aaages! just new discs and pads on the front and decided to drop the fronts down while i was at it! random shot!
  4. Ok so the turbines are on at long last! need to get some 15mm spacers for the fronts and 20mm for the back and she'll be sitting pretty and a few random shots...
  5. Renault turbines! Have a look on my thread Lmao apparently so
  6. Haha thanks a lot man! New wheels should be on at the weekend so keep and eye out
  7. im in bovingdon, just down the road from hemel!
  8. tyres should arrive on wednesday, by which time i should have the last wheel polished and ready to paint the remaining, unpolished pats aiming to have them on by the start of next week!... hopefully
  9. thanks man! with time, patience and a lot of elbow grease basically just wet sanded them with grades of sandpaper going from 240 up to 2000, then i bought a polishing kit with 3 different mops, that you can use with a drill, and 3 different polishing compounds and got polishing! finished them off with megs all metal polish
  10. haha cheers lads finished polishing 2 so far, heres a picture of the second one...
  11. good guess haha trial fitted them the other day with 20mm spacers... then got sanding and polishing so heres some pictures of how theyre coming along
  12. polishing and painting them, waiting for my tyres to arrive
  13. lmaao, thats me! didnt even see your ad in the classifieds on here! ill pm you anyway man!
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