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  1. Nothing at all its just so slow aha had the same 1.4 engine in both cars an im so very bored of it
  2. Cheers man hows the loop? Never see it anymore as i work in holmes chapel now aha
  3. So i sold the arosa in like october time and ended up getting a pistachio 6n with aircon aha! Within 5 days it looked like this Needed a notch so got one Then a few minths later acquired these off a mate 15x8's Stretchhh Then got 16v bumper an a new wing sprayed up so this is how it is now
  4. No issues with mine leaking so far seems alright but getting them on took a few attempts
  5. Good stuff an my cars piss slow so should hope they stay on Ah didnt realise you gunna run 8's all round?
  6. Il get the pressure gauge on em tmoz! Cheers I think 185's didnt look enough but that was 185 50 suppose it depends how low you or how much camber Had any trouble on them?
  7. Yea i am doing aha an cheers! What stretch you running on your steels? Yea will do need check them now tbf as im not sure what there running aha
  8. Cheers Jus waiting on 16v bumpers and a wing frol paint then should look decent
  9. Gone for 165 50 On polo Cheers
  10. Iv ran it on 7j for months and been fine.. Im at the tyre place now aha
  11. Iv seen the tyrestretch pics so im aware its pretty stretched jus wondering if anyones running it on here an if its gunna come off the bead Cheers anyway
  12. I do find it quite alot of stretch myself but my mate had a tyre to fit a 7j wide wheel an had it on a 10j rim without any problems And is a 165 50 meant for 5.5j or 6?
  13. Im going to be getting 165 50's on an 8j wheel is it very difficult as its a fair bit of stretch the tyre will be bridgestone potenza
  14. Going to be purchasing a set of 8j wheels And ordered 4 potenza 165 50 15's for them.. My questions are How hard will it be for the tyre place to get that tyre on the rim? When/if it goes on is it likely to leak/come off the bead ? Iv searched and read a few topics on various forums but still sort of mixed views.. Cheers
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