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  1. Is there not a petrol station or something a mile out from the venue?...seems easier than meeting on a field, just thinking of the cars being off road etc
  2. im still up for it just as long as you give me a postcode to aim or then im all good!
  3. No updates just going to more and more shows a few from Early edition and Alex Butwell memorial cruise! 55bhp was laughable next to my mates 902bhp R34
  4. Also which is your lupo sport? took loads of pictures of lupo's from GTI fest...
  5. Cheers pal cant find you on fb try adding me (James Middleton) because I found a picture of yours from Early edition on someones photography page Cheers mate, yeah its pretty damn yellow...if its sunny when im cleaning it I normally end up with a headache because of looking at it
  6. Cheers for the comments Had a wicked weekend at GTI Fest...bring on Early Edition tomorrow
  7. All on here Sainty https://www.facebook.com/events/1374307166139311/?fref=ts
  8. Very sad weekend when Fast Show was on...witnessed the death of my mate Alex, RIP pal! Gone but never forgotten <3 heres a few from Fast Show...back up to Santa Pod this weekend for GTI Fest, hopefully see some of you there
  9. Im travelling from Birmingham so just give me a time to meet u lot and I can plan a time to set off 1. Matt - mk2 Seat arosa 2. Tom - mk2 Seat arosa 3. Mark - Lupo GTI 4. Kirstin - Lupo SE 5. Lisa - Lupo GTi 6. Rich - Golf (rape edition) 7. Sophie - mk2 seat arosa 8. Jacob-lupo se 9. Miriam - Lupo E 10. T3LLIOTT - Lupo SE 11. Jaymo_WBA - Mk2 Arosa
  10. Sweeeeeet!!! Note me down on the list
  11. Ill get in on the action if theres a space???
  12. Cheers mate Fast show is next up followed by GTI International and Early edition so may see you there Awesome rolling shot on the way to UD from the boys at 'Small Detailz'
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