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  1. Barry Scott is the gob****e from the cilite bang advert You tube him if you haven heard of him Anyway who's your choice? Ps this just for fun.
  2. The ten pounds membership was worth it To be on there when boy dup joined Very Cruel but at the same time funny lol
  3. lupo pete


    Plug ? You mean Dave! he's music producer only kidding
  4. With 50% off To keep our workers busy after Christmas !
  5. after messing around found out it was the ignitor just replaced the whole light with second hand one. they are not cheap thanks for your help
  6. You can't have rockall can you theifing Scum bags.
  7. Don't hold back Rich..... Tell us what you REALLY think!
  8. Was it Tesco finest....lol I would rather push my car Than put that crap in
  9. Lupo dan took the piss big time with old one
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