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  1. Hi Keal, the colour is techno grey from Nissan. I chose it because it suited the carbon theme I was following throughout the car. If you have any questions about the bodywork or colour please contact Kieran at Harpenden Classic and Performance. He is the man to put this car right. I can help you with the audio if you have any questions. The company who helped me has since ceased trading however I am still good friends with the directors. I can get all your trims done in carbon so it's just a question of how big you budget is. I still have the original works vs-xx wheels. I had the arches made to fit these wheels. It can go seriously low but I kept it at a sensible height, as picture because it was my daily driver to and from work. Still respectably low. I wish you all the best putting your touch on it. I had so many ideas for the little Loopo I just ran out of time and needed a bigger and faster car...
  2. Just another quick update, Gates open for business on Friday afternoon at 12:30. Best regards, Mark
  3. Dear Club Lupo, As a former Lupo owner I would like to extend a warm welcome to you all and say we are really hoping that you will be able to attend Edition38's 10 year anniversary show. I can’t believe the show is only a few weeks away! We plan to have some amazing cars of exceptional quality (Inc some of yours!!!) on the show field, not just from the UK but also from all over Europe and we will be working extremely hard to host a show to remember. I can see you are all getting organised. That’s great, thank you. In answer to the question about a dedicated area for club stand, all I can say is turn up early and in convoy. Friday afternoon is recommended. Plan a meeting point and roll into the show together. This is really important. You will be able to exit after you have all pitched up for example to collect camping supplies. We will be allocating pitches as the clubs arrive. The amount of cars that arrive in convoy will denote the size of the pitch and the earlier you arrive will denote how close to the show field you will be. Other show information will be forthcoming soon. Keep an eye on these threads and please post up your questions in the "Edition38 Events" section on the forum. We will do our best to answer them as soon as possible. In the meantime, have a safe and enjoyable drive to the show and we’ll see you soon! E38X SHOW E38 BLOG E38 Events Forum Your sincerely,
  4. Maybe its the sensor in the lock. Moisture is affecting the connection and this may affect your alarm too. Try to dry out. Is water getting in the boot?
  5. Nice signature Club Lupo is a good place to blog your car. I will be watching. You sorted for Ultimate Dubs yet?
  6. Bonnet was carbon fibre and very poor quality. It had a nice impact but it was replaced with the origianal shortly after the photoshoot. Spent ages trying to sort it out but non genuine parts are never as good as oe.
  7. Thank guys and gals, Please email PVW and show the only Lupo there some love. Hopefully see a few more Lupo features in 2010 from you lot! Hello Carly.
  8. Hi Ladies and Gents, Carly's Lupo has been nominated for car of the year and with all the other awesome dubs featured in PVW over the year, its down to you to show some support if you feel that way inclined. PVW are asking for 1st 2nd and 3rd places to be sent by email. You can see the other marks by refering to this months issue. Get your votes in people! Email pvw@unity-media.com with the title "Car of the Year"
  9. Thanks guys and gals for all your comments. The car is now sold to a young lady who I am hoping will take it to the shows and more importantly look after the car. Check out lillupo for future updates. I will still be popping in from time to time because I still have a soft spot for the Lupos! Good luck all with your cars X Mark2Ikeda, back to work on the Mk2 now.
  10. The Lupo is going on a diet! I have just removed the rear beam suspension platforms so the Lupo is now sitting as low as it can. I do have a few ideas but these are based on a if the car sells or not. The main plans are to remove the carbon bonnet and part of the boot build. I have the original ali bonnet to go back on and a lighter sub and amp. Im also converting a set of 2 piece 16 inch BBS into 3 piece dished but thats all for now. A change of wheels can completely freshen up the Lupo. Te be continued...
  11. Got mine through the post last week along with a copy of all the photos from the shoot "Thanks Elliot" and had a few text messages today from friends about it. I think it will be on the shelves soon if not already. http://www.performancevwmag.com/thismonth.asp
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