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  1. few pics from the guy who built it
  2. cheers man went to view it today and do the deal which hasnt gone as i intended but nevermind, its soild as a rock rides like **** and i love it good thing is doing things to make it look cool wont be expensive......matt black and a roller anyone ha ha
  3. hey guys im back and most of you will remember my lupo well ive moved on sold the interior and o.zs and swapped the lupo for a volksrod been wanting a hotrod for years now and love beetles so this was perfect and more me pick it up monday thought id start a build thread on here as it may interest some of you and who doesnt like something different so here it is more pics when ive picked it up
  4. great minds and all that
  5. think my interior needs to go in this looked right at home in a certain persons red arosa so going in a red lupo would look spot on
  6. picked up cleanest car at a local show yesterday quite chuffed with that will be sad to let the loop go but time for something i dont have to polish anymore
  7. yeah if i get enough interest in it i will dont want to strip it off because someone says they want it then backs out
  8. ha ha really? sweet well im deciding to sell up and move on time for an air cooled beetle interior will be for sale, along with o.zs and various pinstriped bits etc then the car on brock b2's and bags
  9. If I had the money mate, I can get all the gear to do it myself and seeing as I work with resins and what not may as well try im thinking whole lower dash and centre console
  10. always good when you can do either of the 2 major bits of a car yourself and cheers dude appreciate it
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