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  1. ive been looking at some ats classics but i cant seem to find anywhere that says they can actually go on a lupo without having to change more things, any help guys?
  2. if not does anyone know a body kit similar to the gti because ive heard the gti has a lot more panels rather than just the kit cheers guys
  3. patroddy your a speccy little gorm
  4. what radio is that? if you remove the bump strip and the glue, is there any marks left over? or is that it after a nice clean up? cheerss
  5. old enough to be my dad? what are you doing on here then oldie?
  6. yeah i know thats why ill just get a black lupo so i dont have to respray the bumper green or whatever, **** off scotty you little chav
  7. i dont want to stretch my tyres to much, i just want them to be stretched, but only very slightly. ill probably go for the same as you fob163 that seems good, what offset would the wheels be poked ouot quite a bit but not too much, im kinda new soz guys
  8. alright, i think i might get a black one now and just lower it, rear 3 windows tinted and a nice set of chrome rims, any suggestions for deep dish rims?
  9. a stock bonnet on that would look better
  10. ah i see, any idea how much itll cost?
  11. the picture under your message of the lupo has a body kit:/ and okay is it possible to respray the black bit on the underside of the bumper?
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