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  1. Blue Loop

    My new car

    Need to properly clean mine. Hope it stops raining soon.
  2. This may be worth a shot just before that
  3. 3L is a very interesting car from a technical point of view. More capable than the SDi on the road thanks to the turbo and lower weight. But if you just want a car that will work forever, SDi's are the way to go
  4. I have a feeling I will enjoy this restoration thread, keep the updates coming
  5. At the end of they day, a 3L will always be worth something. And an SDi won't...
  6. AFAIK the early 3L tailgates were made of magnesium. I've never seen one of those with a spoiler added on though.
  7. My SDi will be 19 in November this year. GTi will be 17 in October.
  8. I just think life's too short to worry about that little difference in consumption really. Plus I always found more entertaining to find out how much fuel I could make the SDi use
  9. Blue Loop

    My new car

    I also drive a Lupo. Others don't because theirs doesn't work 🙊
  10. Blue Loop

    My new car

    I always liked the 106
  11. Good to see this is still alive (well, sort of ). I remember following the build thread back in the day... Be sure to post updates
  12. I was referring to modifications. What you list there are basics
  13. KW's are more than enough. All else isn't needed
  14. Now that's where it should have started wheel-wise
  15. Needs to be sold and another Lupo bought really
  16. Sell something and get one. It makes sense. Agree with Rich on the TT's. They will be a future classic, especilally V6 ones as they aren't common!
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