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  1. Hi lupogtiboy, that would be great if you can
  2. Glad you still enjoy it, mine is on 102k and I also still love it 🚗💨
  3. Thank you, I think once you drive one ya hocked with the VW bug glad and you still enjoy it 👍
  4. Brilliant has @lupogtiboy done it before
  5. Brilliant thanks very much 👍
  6. Hi everyone, I had a small water leak in my lupo gti boot and the white paper sticker with the vin and colour code etc has been damaged, so I phoned my local vw dealer to see if I can buy a replacement and unfortunately the dealers won’t sell them so I asked is there any way I can get all the info codes for the car and have my own made up because there’s not one in my book pack like newer Vw’s and the parts guy said yes pop in later and I will print off the the full car data for you and there is a lot more info on it than just the boot sticker, all he asked for to do this was the reg of the ca
  7. I will order a red one 👍
  8. Forgot to mention, I got crystal lights to go on the front and a vr6 front splitter and 20th anniversary mk3 red gti badge for the front grill and I painted the rear badge to match i also had ants cup wheels but they badly corroded in my garage and I sold them just befor Christmas on eBay £150
  9. It’s a 5 door big bumper gti 8v, 92 thousand original miles mods are full jetex manifold back stainless exhaust panel filter original vw g60 steel wheels original vw g60 arches 16v bee sting areal coilivers
  10. Sorry in advance if I done any thing wrong with the reply’s still trying to get used to the site 👍
  11. I wish I could fit both in mine Thank you Thank you, I also bought mine in 2004 for £9500 from Ron skinner and sons with a 3 yr rac warranty cover , the car still had 1 yr warranty remaining with be and the rac cover started the day after the vow warranty ran out, red is my favourite colour on all cars but I love a black lupo gti also, the only mods on the car at the moment is a cat back powerflow exhaust system that was put on 6 months after I bout it also a ram air induction kit and lowered with H&R coil springs and updated yellow shocks, years
  12. Not anymore unfortunately it’s on my drive, I got my mk2 golf gti project in the garage
  13. Thanks Rich, I will try when I get home from work
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