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  1. I haven’t seen one of these for ages!
  2. I’m with Adrian flux, have been for years if that helps.
  3. Never driven one. More a VW fan than an Audi fan myself.
  4. I agree with @oprn if you love it. Keep it, you know it’s good. these days we have 2 choices: new plastic won’t last 5 years cars or second hand god knows what’s been done to them cars. I am fortunate enough to have one of each. I’d swap either for your gti 😍
  5. I second this, cost me £15 for my agreed valuation. Been burnt before. Looks amazing 😍
  6. Have you had it from new? I’d keep it, you’ve invested a lot in it to sell it now. what makes you consider selling? Is it just the miles?
  7. I don’t know why I wonder this but I’m hoping you have some crazy ass security on this baby! I absolutely love it 😍
  8. I second rear wiper delete. Never use mine. Sunstrips are a big deal! Especially custom ones with name or nickname. May I suggest you make your recommendations without dissing others. I personally recommend looking on the Lupo owners club on Facebook for inspiration and to see where they go wrong quite often... I don’t know much about Arosa’s but I love the front and rear lights! Maybe a bonnet extension to cover the lights to make it meaner looking? enjoy your new car!!
  9. Is there anyone on here near Bristol that could recommend a good garage?
  10. ahh I’m nowhere near you sorry! Hope you get it sorted, it’s such a pain/worry. Trust your instincts with regards to mechanics and do your research on their reviews etc xx
  11. My tdi doesn’t have a red i either, I was wondering this- mines a 54 plate x
  12. Every petrol receipt?! Having said that as a new owner of my 4th Lupo I’ve got both the receipts for my 2 lots of fuel I’ve put in it so far... She looks beautiful! Enjoy xx
  13. Where are you based? I have recent ecu fun experience if I can help in any way xx
  14. @mk2 I think that would be great! Luckily my mechanic had experience of this, otherwise he said had he not, he’d have thought it was the throttle pedal. @Skezza my ECU has been opened up and inspected. No sign of water ingress thank goodness and yes as you told me it wouldn’t have, are you happy now? If my car hadn’t died a death in the middle of central Cambridge and the corrosion on the points had just been spotted then maybe I’d have just driven it as you said. Now I can drive it with complete peace of mind instead of with my eyes constantly on the dashboard, which for me is worth every penny I spent. Also I needed to know how damaged it was to proceed with a claim against the person I purchased it from. The broken EGR solenoid valve is still bugging me. Can someone please tell me where it is in relation to the ECU? 🤷‍♀️
  15. Oh and also the second tuning company main mechanic/owner said he couldn’t fault the car a few times and I am so pleased. I paid quite a bit over the odds for it and was so worried it was going to be a write off with potential ecu/wiring loom damage. It’s a lot for me and my husband to spend. I was totally buying it before I saw it, it was a foregone conclusion so I’m pleased it’s turned out ok! My 4th Lupo and I’m hooked. Have done 1000 miles in it since the repair, and so far so good!!!
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