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  1. @mk2 I think that would be great! Luckily my mechanic had experience of this, otherwise he said had he not, he’d have thought it was the throttle pedal. @Skezza my ECU has been opened up and inspected. No sign of water ingress thank goodness and yes as you told me it wouldn’t have, are you happy now? If my car hadn’t died a death in the middle of central Cambridge and the corrosion on the points had just been spotted then maybe I’d have just driven it as you said. Now I can drive it with complete peace of mind instead of with my eyes constantly on the dashboard, which for me is worth every penny I spent. Also I needed to know how damaged it was to proceed with a claim against the person I purchased it from. The broken EGR solenoid valve is still bugging me. Can someone please tell me where it is in relation to the ECU? 🤷‍♀️
  2. Oh and also the second tuning company main mechanic/owner said he couldn’t fault the car a few times and I am so pleased. I paid quite a bit over the odds for it and was so worried it was going to be a write off with potential ecu/wiring loom damage. It’s a lot for me and my husband to spend. I was totally buying it before I saw it, it was a foregone conclusion so I’m pleased it’s turned out ok! My 4th Lupo and I’m hooked. Have done 1000 miles in it since the repair, and so far so good!!!
  3. Thanks for expanding. the exterior pins were corroded- the ones that connect to the wiring loom. My garage/mechanic did not want to open the ECU up as they don’t deal with ecu problems. The 2 companies they use to fix/ look at ECU’s refused to look at the car because it was potentially water ingress and because of its age. So they looked some up, found several. All with mixed reviews as there were none they trusted they asked me what I wanted to do. I said I’d ask on here, @mk2 suggested finding a tuning company as they may repair ones that they accidentally damage during tuning. (Great suggestion btw, thank you 😊). Found one relatively near me with seemingly good reviews. Spoke to him, seemed really helpful. Then he started ghosting me! I kid you not. Thought he’s just busy he must be good. Took it there, the struggle to contact him was real! Then all of a sudden, he went from I’m really busy I don’t know when I can look at it. To I’ve found a replacement ECU it’s 4x the price I originally quoted you and I can get it done by the end of the week. Found somewhere else, turns out the first tuning guy hadn’t even put my ecu back together or secured it to the car and now my EGR solenoid was broken 😔 I do feel like I dodged a massive bullet.
  4. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking... Of course the mechanic I use (referred to as my mechanic as been using him for 15 years) doesn’t do that!
  5. I wish it had been only pennies! The replacement part was over £100 😳
  6. Update on the Lupo! The first garage I took it to seemed off, after initially quoting £50 for an ECU all of a sudden became £200+ VAT and pressuring me to make a decision to get it done quickly so I pulled it out quick! On collection I had a check engine light on, I was like 🤦🏼‍♀️ Found a place closer to me after calling a VW specialist repair company who mentioned them as a local tuning company, I was all over it! Took it in on Thursday at 2pm, 4pm he calls, the ECU is fine, no corrosion but it was not attached to the car and the egr solenoid was broken. I am £313 lighter but I feel I dodged a bullet at the first place I took it to, and I am delighted my ECU is ok! I have a question for you wonderful Lupo people: could the first guy have broken my egr solenoid valve? I haven’t got much of an idea about these things and don’t want to be judging him too harshly. Now all she needs is new tyres, a full service, new rear shocks...
  7. @mk2 you are correct, 3 of the pins on the ECU are corroded, I have seen this with my own eyes so am happy to replace it. @cj1 the throttle sensor has not been checked, my garage said this is a pain to replace and they are confident the cause is the water damage to the ECU. Who knows what else may be affected, I don’t want the stress or the worry of finding out!
  8. @Sausage I understand where you’re coming from but I have always been upfront about the fact that this is the route I’m taking. @Skezza If you have nothing helpful to say don’t respond please. @weslangdon it’s great of you to offer thank you! I will call the tuner place tomorrow and see where he’s at with it and come back to you x
  9. Update! Dropped Lupo off at a diesel tuning garage on Thursday for a new ECU + pairing to the car. My garage got a quote from VW for a new ECU, £1060 + VAT 😂 The tuning place will source and pair a second hand ECU and tune it for £250 plus parts. I drove it 30 miles there, she was great to drive but took me ages to relax as was nervous she’d go into limp home mode! Thank you all for your help on this, I’ll keep you posted!
  10. It’s done it once. But that’s enough, as said before it’s not something I can run the risk of happening during my commute and it’s going to be my daily driver. Found a tuning place that can pair a new ECU to her for £250 and tune it at the same time, waiting on my mechanics thoughts now. Thanks to @mk2 for this suggestion 👍
  11. It works but it has an intermittent fault.
  12. To me it’s the same as trusting a dentist, you wouldn’t say to them, don’t worry about that filling, I don’t need it/I’ll do it myself.. this is the boat I’m in. He’s not trade, I would love to take it back, but at the same time, I’ve wanted another TDI for years, this is my 4th Lupo, it’s otherwise immaculate. I’ve made my bed, I’ve got to lie in it.
  13. Update: the 2 places my garage usually use won’t look at my ecu because of the water ingress/age of car. Of the 2 other places they found 1 had 80% bad reviews so they decided against them, the other is called ECU testing. I’ve just spent time looking through their reviews and they’re a bit hit and miss. They’ve quoted £60 to look at it and £220-250 to repair it if required. Does anyone have any ECU checking/repairing companies they would recommend? Or any experience of ECU testing? I’m sticking to this plan as I trust my mechanic and I will undoubtedly need him in the future! 😂 They say the wiring loom is sortable if need be but it looks ok so am hopeful on that aspect. I thought low mileage would be a good thing but it’s not all it turned out to be! thanks all xx
  14. I love it ❤️ I too like oem, but I also like digital radio and modern gadgets!
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