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  1. loopydebs

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    Thank you, that’s so good of you to offer! I’m in Norfolk, I’ve committed now to sending the ecu off. £120 I’ve been quoted for it to be inspected.
  2. loopydebs

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    Thank you @Skezza I hope so! 🤞🏻
  3. loopydebs

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    @mk2 source of leak is rain through from the dashboard where it is on the car. The car is completely rust free otherwise so am hoping it’s superficial and not massively rotten inside. sending the ecu off for inspection, should hear back next week. @Skezza yes you’re quite right, I am definitely panicking! Car wasn’t cheap, damage to the ecu is a concern. I can’t afford to break down on my way to work, I can’t deal with the stress and I can’t fix it myself, it’s all money 😔
  4. loopydebs

    Central locking

    My new Lupo central locking doesn’t work either. Let me know how you get on!
  5. loopydebs

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    Sooo my gut instincts were right, she’s got a potentially big problem. I was driving it and the glow plug light came on and she lost all power. Had her recovered to my preferred garage. At some point water has got into the ECU and the wire that connects the throttle pedal to the ECU has corroded causing an intermittent fault 😔 They cannot prove it was there before I bought the car from the eBay seller. My garage have cleaned it all up and it hasn’t reoccurred. They’ve advised I drive it around over Easter and see how it goes. If it’s not fixed then I need to recondition my ECU or buy a new one. They say they’ve come across this only twice before and only successfully fixed one of them. She is in beautiful condition otherwise. Deciding if I should keep her or not 😔🚗💨🤷‍♀️
  6. loopydebs

    Bought my 4th Lupo but something feels wrong...

    Thanks Mike, I’d feel better if I’d paid the original price but I probably wouldn’t have wanted to travel that far to go and see it so it was meant to be!
  7. loopydebs

    Bought my 4th Lupo but something feels wrong...

    That’s the one! It’s a beaut of a car! I’ve booked it in for service and inspection next week and hope it’s as good as it seems!
  8. loopydebs

    Bought my 4th Lupo but something feels wrong...

    Thanks all! My husband managed to talk me round and sticking with it, payment went through in the end. I will pic it up tonight, am excited! Apprehensive but I know a good garage! log book is in their name, I’m pretty sure they’re selling it to make a quick buck but it couldn’t be much more perfect in terms of what I’m looking for. I’ll let you know how it goes!
  9. Morning all, been wanting another Lupo for a while now. Bought one last night but our bank transfer isn’t going through and for some reason alarm bells are going off in my head! I’m supposed to be picking it up tonight once sorted tax & insurance. I’ve agreed a fairly high price, it’s a TDI with very low mileage. The condition isn’t mint but it’s very good. They’ve had it less than a month. I've filled out their log book for change of owner but am having seriously cold feet having slept on it and having the payment not goes through makes me think they’re not financially sound. Opinions would be greatfully appreciated! thanks all x
  10. Reluctant sale Genuine Lupo TDI handbook £20 ono £5 postage Used, some service parts filled in but car sadly long gone ? I'm based near Ely Cambridgeshire if you wish to collect. Thanks for looking
  11. loopydebs

    Gti headlight beam issues

    Thanks silver, it's just not something I'm capable of tho
  12. loopydebs

    Gti headlight beam issues

    Sorry I'm late replying to this, haven't been about. She went in for a service yesterday, and they've said it's not going from high to dipped beam properly, hence it's an intermittent problem. They're going to see if parts are available from vw or might need a new headlight.
  13. loopydebs

    Gti headlight beam issues

    Cool was thinking there was nothing I could do, will have a go on Sunday. Thank you both ?
  14. loopydebs

    Gti headlight beam issues

    From the search I did I got the impression GTI headlights couldn't be adjusted like this?
  15. loopydebs

    Gti headlight beam issues

    Is the wheel easily accessible/visible? I've never done anything technical the most I do is refill my screen wash bottle :s

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