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  1. Hi all, my 2004 Lupo TDI had a blocked washer jet and the washer pump stopped working. The garage I use replaced the pump with a non genuine pump, still waiting on a new washer head and genuine pump to come from vw. 48 hours later, my dash, radio and interior lights started flashing on and off intermittently and sometimes staying off for minutes at a time when the headlights are on. The horn works while they’re off. The headlights stay on fine. The Speedo works, the high beam light indicator stays on. I took it back to the garage I usually use and they said the headlight unit could be sent away but I’m not keen on doing that so I took it to the place that helped when I was concerned about water ingress on my ecu. Neither could find the actual fault and it didn’t play up when they had it. I love my car so much I am scared of them ripping it apart looking for a loose wire in the wrong place. Does anyone know what it could be? She’s only got 48k on the clock. Thanks in advance - scared Lupo owner in Norfolk x IMG_4263.MOV
  2. I like it like that. Looks perfect 👌
  3. Are those Leather seats original? 😍
  4. I’d live with that for one of those on my Lupo! Would be awesome 😎
  5. Hi 👋 I’m in Norfolk with a 1.4 tdi 😃 I love them! I paid silly money for mine with under 40k on the clock.. Perhaps have a look at sold ones on eBay and other ads. I have an agreed valuation on mine on my insurance as good ones are hard to find. Can you keep the car in your family? I hope you’re ok and he’s smiling down on you ❤️
  6. Uggghhh the noise of the impact resonates with me and my nerves so bad. Hope you’re all ok. Sorry about your car. I’m sure drivers are getting worse
  7. I’d definitely recommend a Lupo for your daughter 👍 having been in an accident in one it held up very well in a high speed crash. My second car was a 1.0 and I loved it. My favourite is the 1.4 tdi version.
  8. I haven’t seen one of these for ages!
  9. I’m with Adrian flux, have been for years if that helps.
  10. Never driven one. More a VW fan than an Audi fan myself.
  11. I agree with @oprn if you love it. Keep it, you know it’s good. these days we have 2 choices: new plastic won’t last 5 years cars or second hand god knows what’s been done to them cars. I am fortunate enough to have one of each. I’d swap either for your gti 😍
  12. I second this, cost me £15 for my agreed valuation. Been burnt before. Looks amazing 😍
  13. Have you had it from new? I’d keep it, you’ve invested a lot in it to sell it now. what makes you consider selling? Is it just the miles?
  14. I don’t know why I wonder this but I’m hoping you have some crazy ass security on this baby! I absolutely love it 😍
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