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  1. I’d definitely recommend a Lupo for your daughter 👍 having been in an accident in one it held up very well in a high speed crash. My second car was a 1.0 and I loved it. My favourite is the 1.4 tdi version.
  2. I haven’t seen one of these for ages!
  3. I’m with Adrian flux, have been for years if that helps.
  4. Never driven one. More a VW fan than an Audi fan myself.
  5. I agree with @oprn if you love it. Keep it, you know it’s good. these days we have 2 choices: new plastic won’t last 5 years cars or second hand god knows what’s been done to them cars. I am fortunate enough to have one of each. I’d swap either for your gti 😍
  6. I second this, cost me £15 for my agreed valuation. Been burnt before. Looks amazing 😍
  7. Have you had it from new? I’d keep it, you’ve invested a lot in it to sell it now. what makes you consider selling? Is it just the miles?
  8. I don’t know why I wonder this but I’m hoping you have some crazy ass security on this baby! I absolutely love it 😍
  9. I second rear wiper delete. Never use mine. Sunstrips are a big deal! Especially custom ones with name or nickname. May I suggest you make your recommendations without dissing others. I personally recommend looking on the Lupo owners club on Facebook for inspiration and to see where they go wrong quite often... I don’t know much about Arosa’s but I love the front and rear lights! Maybe a bonnet extension to cover the lights to make it meaner looking? enjoy your new car!!
  10. Is there anyone on here near Bristol that could recommend a good garage?
  11. ahh I’m nowhere near you sorry! Hope you get it sorted, it’s such a pain/worry. Trust your instincts with regards to mechanics and do your research on their reviews etc xx
  12. My tdi doesn’t have a red i either, I was wondering this- mines a 54 plate x
  13. Every petrol receipt?! Having said that as a new owner of my 4th Lupo I’ve got both the receipts for my 2 lots of fuel I’ve put in it so far... She looks beautiful! Enjoy xx
  14. Where are you based? I have recent ecu fun experience if I can help in any way xx
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