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  1. It's been a while but been giving the car a little bit of love gradually! When at operating temperature the car used to misfire and cough at idle which did my nut in so new NGK plugs, HT Leads and Fahren coilpack. If any GTi owners are wondering about the leads they are handmade from eBay by a seller called Mr Retro Leads I believe it was and they're about £35. The leads work fine but if you know somebody with TPS I would recommened buying genuine VW over these as the quality doesn't feel as solid as genuine VW leads! They don't have a satisfying click when pressed into the coilpack like the standard leads do and the outer material is a lot more flexible and softer. It did feel as though the leads would fall out due to vibration but done 1000 miles with them on now and so far so good! Just as a Guinea Pig to see how good Cheaper/Chinese Xenon bulbs are, put 2 new Lunex 6000k bulbs in whilst I took the front end apart to make the washer jet covers fit a little better. So far so good with the Lunex bulbs but whilst there I discovered I need a new passenger side headlight if anybody has one they'd like to sell to me Put some Philips LED 501 Sidelight bulbs in too and I must say they do look fantastic over standard Last little thing is I picked up some Cambridge rear lights and must say they transform the back end! (FYI pretend the dirt isn't there)
  2. Understood! We'll see what happens in a few thousand miles time Not including weekend although I did order off Kam Racing who asked HEL to make them and then send it directly to me, ended up saving about £2.00 though by ordering off Kam instead of HEL directly and every little helps I guess Would it have been more you reckon if I got measurements of the lines and then went to HEL direct for custom lines instead of buying the OEM replacement off HEL?
  3. HEL Delivery and production times are seriously fantastic! Less than 5 days to make up and send. I mean having had these lines in now for a few weeks and done probably about 700 miles on em for the money they are great as an OEM replacement to help futureproof the car but it's one of them ones where I wouldn't go out of my way to get them fitted. Ermmmm Hope my mechanic cleaned out sliders and regreased, but at the very least I can see he copper greased the new pads at least! Is it important to do so?
  4. They do look fantastic but the noise is another league Envious of you being able to source a Janspeed rear box though!
  5. So front nearside disc which came with the car had warped badly even though they had plenty of life left but AA gentleman said that's due to them being bad quality and heavy braking. Incredibly annoying and the steering wheel vibration was just horrendous. Gave it some new Brembo discs and pads from Euro Car Parts, around £60 for them so not half bad personally! There was also a slight brake fluid leak too so slapped some Stainless Steel braided HEL brake lines on too whilst at it. Appreciate they aren't fantastic images but honestly very pleased with the lines! Ordered them off Kam Racing and the levels of service there are fantastic though! Very quick delivery time to say they were out of stock and they needed making with plenty of delivery updates. Well worth the extra money ordering off Kam Racing instead of other companies as that was a stress free process. In regards to the fitting of the lines however, I didn't do them myself due to not wanting to potentially kill my brakes😂 But the lines on the rear weren't a quick and simple job to do apparently as some drilling/grinding needs to be done. Speaking to other owners who have put in braided lines too, some have said it is easier to drop the rear axle to put them on but my garage didn't bother!
  6. Ninth owner! Wowwwwww, so a few of the previous owners were wanting performance by the sound of things. How many miles has your car done? Excited to get mine on VCDS to find out what's going on though so unless you beat me to it I'll keep you posted!😁
  7. Interesting read! After reading it you'd be under the impression it is normal to overfuel but I don't at all believe Volkswagen would sell a car which fouls/blacks spark plugs after only 2 miles of driving😂 On cold it idles around 1000-1200 on first startup doesn't it and then drops to about 800-1000. Do you know much on the history of your car Martin? Mature or young owners? Well looked after and unmodified? As you can probably tell looking through this thread my GTi has been abused daily and cheaply modified so I still have the idea that a dodgy remap could be causing this but we won't know until VCDS comes in! In regards to the EPC light however, I believe it did come up with brake light switch fault when scanned using an expensive Snap On code reader but my eBay special reader didn't come up with any codes.
  8. I did that praying my fuel trips would be less but still there after changing it😥 Changed every sensor/part I can possibly think of which affects it directly but no ball.
  9. Hi Martin! Yes that's correct, always stinking of Petrol whatever the weather after it's not been driven for a few hours. You experiencing similar issues? I still need to get VCDS on the car to find out what's going on😆
  10. So a return is made again, not done anything to the car since except some fruity air fresheners but finally hit the 200k club Got a few ideas lined up however, looking to stick some Cambridge rear lights and a BMC CDA on, some sort of Stainless Steel exhaust and then look at properly sorting the overfuelling. Everything I do will be easily reversible but just feeling a few subtle mods now
  11. So I've put some JOM Blueline coilovers on now for lows Joking So what actually happened was I went round a roundabout and heard a massive bang like someone threw something at the car, got out to be greeted with this... Hate this car sometimes like it was all fine but as soon as I move to the West Midlands away from home this happens😂 Had AA take a look at it in case it was something else which had failed worse but the gent reckons it is just the spring snapping since it drives smoothly most the time. In the meantime instead of messing about with upgrades/coilovers/etc just gone to the main dealer and paid about £108 for a new spring. I know that is ridiculous for a spring but I need the car asap for work so it has to be done unfortunately😪
  12. Not yet had the chance to get VCDS on the car but whilst clearing the water drains today, noticed the ECU was loose and them grey cable ties don't look very OEM unless if someone can correct me. If someone has pulled it out in the past, I believe the over fuelling mystery has been solved in the form of a remap.
  13. I had it emissions tested to confirm it was running rich but telltale signs are it managed to foul spark plugs in 200 miles, warms up to 90 in about a mile, stinking of petrol and awful fuel economy😓 Next step is using VCDS it is then, cheers!
  14. That's what I'm ripping my hair out at now, coolant temp sensor, thermostat, pre cat lambda sensor, MAP Sensor have all been changed and oily throttle body has been properly cleaned but still not playing ball. Will have another check for air leaks however but if there was wouldn't that cause it to run lean since a sensor would detect a lack of oxygen?
  15. Thank you! Turns out I do have that bracket so cheers for bringing that up. Discovering many many MOT failure problems now and this car has a very clean MOT so definitely some dodgy things going on here...
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