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  1. Thank you kind sir! I will update this soon as I've done a few more bits but will upload closer to Christmas
  2. Has sealant been applied just between the bell housing and rubber gasket but not between the rubber gasket and end cap if you know? I appreciate your help greatly! I have ordered a rubber seal now but I believe the rubber seal on yours is off another VAG group car like a Fabia 1.2, A1 1.4 TFSI or a Polo as I had a good dig to find that a lot of the more modern VAG cars had 02U or 02T boxes too. Next week I'm going to give this a good go hopefully but just RVT it if the rubber gasket doesn't go to plan.
  3. Old engine mount had a stripped thread, managed to pick up a second hand one for very little that had been recently blasted and got a good painter mate to do it in Hyacinth red mainly in order to protect the cast Aluminium from oxidising on the surface. Since it had been blasted it did have a pitted surface on it so it wasn't smooth but meh Personally buzzing that I managed to get it in without any assistance for somebody who's not incredibly experienced Will be getting a few other bits done the same colour in order to make it look less odd and stand out less but Ro
  4. Thank you very much kind sir, 02T 301 215 H looks like the one you have there! Zooming in on your picture it looks like your rebuilders used some white sealant on it as well as the rubber gasket although unlikely, am I chatting rubbish or can you confirm this?
  5. @LR5V Sorry to drag up an old topic, do you have a part number for that rubber gasket on the end cover? And with that rubber gasket on does that prevent the need of any sealants being used as a gasket so no RTV sealants are needed additionally? Thank you!
  6. Gearbox Oil today! Used this stuff! If anybody is looking to buy Millers Oil for cheap, check out ID Workz, performance part shop local to West Yorkshire but sells Millers Oils a lot cheaper than Opie, etc. Anyways I had a good laugh/cry when I drained the box to find about 20ml of oil came out, there is an end cover sealant leak which will be addressed asap. Box feels and sounds a lot better now however.
  7. That guide is wonderful, great find! I did some searching and found this, so it's them 2 bearings that you're on about on the end which I will need to be careful with? But yes in the meantime I'm going to give it a clean and then see if it's coming from elsewhere! Think what will end up happening is an attempt will be made to drop the box out since I don't believe the box has received much attention in its 200,000 mile life and the attention it has had looks interesting to say the least... Thanks a lot gentlemen!
  8. I'm envious as to how clean it looks😍 So it appears as though it's missing that rubber gasket... But yeah there's a few drips coming off there so believe it's box oil. That's a very good shout though checking clutch line although the Master cylinder has stayed at the same level for a while. Is it a can of worms if that cover was to be removed and sealed do you know?
  9. Thank you for posting a decent picture of the box! It's weeping out of there which looks as though it uses a sealent gasket like the rocker cover does but this looks like an absolute ballache to change if you can confirm😂
  10. Hello all! I've been searching all over for pictures and diagrams just to check the location of the gearbox oil fill and drain holes but found it's all been deleted off here and Google hasn't helped😪 Just to clarify, the fill hole is the one I've circled in red and it's closest to the driver's side whereas the drain hole is closest to the passenger side of the car? And these are M16 security splines? Also read a few people saying that the box will only take about 1 litre of oil when it's on flat ground so will need jacking up from the rear to tilt the car forward and then it'll
  11. Managed to get it in using minimal amount of lube without issues! Just used a small basic workshop vice to press it in, so to summarise yes it is possible to put in a GTi Powerflex lower engine mount for a weekend warrior without using any power tools. Halfords advanced socket set, saw, flathead screwdriver and vice. If the arm itself doesn't need painting and doesn't have any corrosion on it then it's not a long job either!
  12. Aye I've seen many people use similar methods such as using hole saws etc to remove bushes but I'm just trying to demonstrate to the internet that it is possible without any power tools or anything more complicated than a saw and flathead screwdriver!
  13. Don't have a foggiest what the VW recommended torque setting is but I'm happy enough with how the bolt screws in the thread to know it shouldn't cause me any issues when tightening it again even without Loctite.
  14. I did worry that was the case but I've screwed the correct bolts into the threads and both internal threads are fine like the bolts go in smoothly without any excessive movement!
  15. 3 months on and the car is on about 210,000 miles now! As you can probably tell by now I am in love with the sidelight bulbs, would strongly recommend the Philips 6000K 501 fitment bulbs which I bought for around £15! So it has also been around 10,000 miles since my engine rebuild too which was one of the initial doings to the car as we all know and that's still running great but I'll get back to that soon. With that in mind I invested in another jack and did an oil change using Millers Nanodrive 5W40 instead of the Quantum 5W40 which I'd previously been using. Obviously t
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