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  1. Not yet had the chance to get VCDS on the car but whilst clearing the water drains today, noticed the ECU was loose and them grey cable ties don't look very OEM unless if someone can correct me. If someone has pulled it out in the past, I believe the over fuelling mystery has been solved in the form of a remap.
  2. I had it emissions tested to confirm it was running rich but telltale signs are it managed to foul spark plugs in 200 miles, warms up to 90 in about a mile, stinking of petrol and awful fuel economy😓 Next step is using VCDS it is then, cheers!
  3. That's what I'm ripping my hair out at now, coolant temp sensor, thermostat, pre cat lambda sensor, MAP Sensor have all been changed and oily throttle body has been properly cleaned but still not playing ball. Will have another check for air leaks however but if there was wouldn't that cause it to run lean since a sensor would detect a lack of oxygen?
  4. Thank you! Turns out I do have that bracket so cheers for bringing that up. Discovering many many MOT failure problems now and this car has a very clean MOT so definitely some dodgy things going on here...
  5. Battery is not bolted down no, thank you for bringing that up! Will connect the breather hose to the battery asap though. Can anyone with a GTI post a picture of what under the carpet floor looks like exactly so what type of bracket is used to hold the battery in and what tools Volkswagen supplied you with from factory?
  6. The car's running rich and every single possible sensor or part which could cause that has been replaced or cleaned and it's displaying symptoms of dodgy injectors since the car misfires when idling like it splutters/coughs every so often. Never knew injectors could be serviced! Thought they were sealed for life units which if they went pop was the end of that!
  7. Assistance is much needed to source injectors for a GTI! I understand the factory injectors are made by Weber but very expensive and difficult to get hold of so what alternatives are there? I'm led to believe either of these will fit but just want a second opinion before going through with it and whether anyone has any other suggestions on sourcing injectors😁 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222998262241 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Injector-Fits-VW-Lupo-2000-2005-Polo-2000-2001-1-6-GTi-4VN/173328665720?fits=Model%3ALupo&hash=item285b318c78:g:foEAAOSw41FapyBP Gracias!!!
  8. The battery supposed to be sitting in that tool tray? Cheers for clearing that up!
  9. A proper rollercoaster of emotions today... Finally got the new centre silencer on and wowwww the standard one sounds so much better and I'm sure neighbours will appreciate it more too! Hats off to Y2ACP though for recommending me an honest garage to go to. Old centre silencer was an absolute turd though like who in the world could butcher a job like that and think it will still sound nice. The garage positioned the pipe a lot better too😍 The drive back was interesting however. At some traffic lights and then when I pulled off the car wouldn't go. The accelerator was extremely delayed and eventually revved so I could move off. Completely shat it that this would be the end of this car and a burning smell didn't help either. Luckily I was close to Halfords Autocentre and politely asked if they could do us an OBD scan. Found nothing of use from it. So a few posts ago I showed some brighter LED taillights. Turns out it was them throwing up the EPC light so they've been removed. Surprised at that with the Lupo not having CAN bus but lesson learnt for all of us😁 Finally did a battery test at work and apparently the battery was on its way out which doesn't surprise me. Found some battery acid in the tray but on a sidenote what is that transparent tube that looks like washer tubing supposed to be? Ended up fitting a Yuasa HSB010 with a 680A starting power
  10. Got hold of the correct plate bulbs now, just wowwwww, excited to properly see what it looks like in the dark😍 r Pulled out the MAP Sensor to have a proper look for irregularities. Can anyone shed some light on this one though since is it supposed to have that orange looking ball thing inside it? Looking at other MAP Sensors for the GTI I don't believe it does but who knows
  11. Got you now thank you! Just out of interest this only applies really to a Fly By Wire throttle or an electronic one but not a cable?
  12. Will make an attempt to change it by self but with limited room under it when on axle stands I'll just end up swearing a lot and getting annoyed probably😁
  13. So in a simplified sense, if I disconnect the battery and then whip off the connection on the Throttle Body and then plug the connection and battery back in after cleaning the TB it should hopefully remember the old 'off' position of the throttle. But if not, the car will start run rough but self calibrate the 'off' position if I leave it idling for a bit? This is why I no longer study Degree level Automotive Engineering...😂
  14. When putting the Throttle Body back on a GTI, is it just a case of putting the 4 bolts back in and plugging the electrical connector back in or do I need VAGCOM and to reset positions and all that? Cannot find a straight answer anywhere😓 Gracias!
  15. Forgot to add the new centre silencer that's going in soon. My days of sounding like a chav with a dodgy sounding exhaust will be coming to an end😍
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