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  1. The thread on the current sump is stripped but it's already oversized so the mechanic who looked at the car last recommended it'd be better just to get another sump. It's a Lupo GTI sump, just gave my reg to VW Parts and they found it and then I checked the part number VW Parts gave us to one I found on here to confirm it's not from a Golf although it fits.
  2. In the meantime, got a new sump and some sealant to put on whilst it's having a rebuild😍 (If anyone's interested in what sealant VW Parts ordered for us) Sump prices have gone up a bit though since a few years ago! Paid around £160 including VAT
  3. Cheers for looking out! So the gentleman that's doing it has several years experience rebuilding engines apparently, he's going to be retiring next year. Has quite a few 5 star reviews on Google but I don't think he's done an AVY before but knows the common issues such as the valves. Should have an update next week on progress but right now I believe the engine is out😁
  4. Now booked in next week for a full engine rebuild😁 In the meantime though, put it on ramps to see if I could work out where the exhaust was blowing. Unfortunately didn't find the source of the blow but it sounds like it's coming from that section pictured above. It does look like the mid section has been replaced quite recently though! Correct me if I'm wrong, the mid section on a GTI has a silencer on it right? This one just looks straight.
  5. For the crankcase breather on a GTI, what's the easiest way to access it and remove? If it even has one Same for the oil breather pipe too, what's the best way to remove it with there being such a tight gap and what looks like a sensor on it Any help appreciated😀
  6. We make a return! No misfiring now, I believe that was down to my stupid ass not tightening the plugs on enough but lesson learnt😂 Still burning oil however but only under very hard acceleration so I will be getting the engine reconditioned asap but due to me needing to daily the GTI and do long distances, it's probably smarter just to bite the bullet and let somebody who knows what they're doing do it instead.
  7. 0w30 sounds worryingly thin😂 I was under the impression VW initially recommended Quantum 10w40 but then said 5w40. Cannot for the life of me find exactly which 10w40 they recommended however.
  8. That looks fantastic, unbelievably clean! You've made a great buy, I'm interested to see where this thread is going to go😀
  9. GTI Engine update: Got someone to have a look at it and the engine has been compression tested. Results show there is nothing wrong with compression on all 4 Cylinders. Apparently the car drives without misfire but there is a lot of blue smoke so it's burning oil. From this information am I right in saying that the piston rings are ok then? Since if there was a fault with the piston rings, wouldn't the compression test show this by a lower figure? In my head right now, changing the camshaft cover sealant and sparkplug o rings seems logical in the way that compression is fine but it's burning oil so oil is obviously getting to where the sparkplugs are. So options are changing the camshaft cover sealant and o rings, engine swap or rebuild. (I know I'm gonna reread this thread in like 2 years time and think wow I used to be stupid)😂
  10. Them plugs looked awful! Definitely was running rich since there was always quite a strong smell of Petrol. My stupidity thought that was down to it possibly being remapped badly since when I plugged my OBD scanner in, had 0 fault codes come up as well as that poor fuel economy. I'm guessing VCDS looks a lot more in depth than OBD 2 though? Located in West Yorkshire!😂
  11. The GTI will progress soon! Exam season means restraining myself from touching it😀😓 In the meantime I was quoted £570 including labour from a VAG specialist to have the timing belt, water pump, tensioner and camshaft cover gasket to be changed. Have a picture of the plugs I pulled from it though!😂
  12. I may buy an engine which shares some components which I can use for the GTI too if it is for the right price. But will use it primarily to attempt belts on and make a table out of afterwards... Good point though, bank account will be a lot happier if I go and try it in a scrappy!
  13. Reckon it should be alright since it does run sound as long as it isn't being floored but yeah can never be too sure! Think the belt was done around 40k ago so it will be due around now, good timing😀 Yeah that's exactly how I see it now, like if you break the job down and use common sense it's not impossible to do at home. Just hoping to find something which shares a few bits with the GTI so have some parts to steal too😂 If no luck though then yeah, to a scrappy it is. If I do a belt change on an engine which has been taken out a car, have you got ideas how I can test it to see whether it's been done correctly without putting it in something though?
  14. Looking through the stack of paper I was given, belt was done around 40k ago so it will be done but visually there is no cracking like all seems well😀 Currently trying to bid on a few engines on eBay, I've had a look down the side of the engine where the belt is and it does seem quite a squeeze. Obviously parts will be taken off like the engine mount by the looks of things for more accessibility but I'm going to attempt to do a belt change on an engine which has been taken out a car so I can see what's going on more clearly in terms of the TDC markings like Sausage suggested! It's one of them ones where I reckon I know what to do but I'm not confident on doing it on my own where I know it is a working engine😂 Will get the current engine compression tested however, good shout!
  15. Thank you everybody for the help, can't thank you all enough😊 Misfire update: Checked the resistance on all the HT leads and they were all perfect as expected. Then took it out for a spin and deliberately got the CEL on so I could use an OBD Reader. Worst nightmare is a reality but oh well, misfire in cylinder one, the one which was swimming in oil! Pulled out the plug and it was already destroyed and I'd only gone a mile... So the plan is, the GTI isn't going anywhere for weeks unfortunately. Will drop some calls to local garages who can put in a new gasket/sealant for me as well as doing the belt and water pump for a reasonable price! I have a suspicion though that the common GTI valve problem has also occurred in this car as the fuel economy is genuinely pathetic like I've calculated myself doing around 18mpg and this is me being very sensible! I know I said I wanted to learn how to do these things myself but it needs doing and is way beyond my level currently but in 40,000 miles time I'll have a stab at it😀 After the engine is sound though, paintwork and exhaust! As well as whacking on that new fuel filter
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