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  1. Adrian777

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Thank you all for support!😀 Very productive day on the GTI, can finally say that the rear washer fluid is now finally working after nearly a week of being clueless! Turns out one of the previous owners had cut the washer fluid hose and knotted it for some reason... Very annoying that it was such a simple thing which I never bothered to check but oh well, lesson learnt😃 The section of pipe going through the firewall looked like a pain to pull out so a trip to Halfords to buy some additional washer fluid hose, and then I joined the missing sections of hose together. Job done! Nearly... The 90 degree pipe which is connected to the wiper motor was firing water all over the boot so that was ripped out and that was replaced with some normal washer hose. Water comes out now but the valve needs adjusting as it just sprays water at pedestrians but that's for another day😂 Next job, repairing the engine cover. Just used a hot glue gun for the time being as a temporary fix until I see a one for sale at a reasonable price. Although the repaired one does fit very nicely. I know I said I wanted to keep it looking factory but I had to😓 Painted the handles black and removed all the rubbery parts off the door trim. Not a bad job but if the paint doesn't hold up however, I will end up wrapping them black instead. Finally, gutted the interior as much as possible and gave it a good clean! So far found 2 raisins, 6p and a smoked cigarette😂 To say one of the owners used to smoke in this car, I wouldn't have been able to tell aside from a cig burn in the rear seat and a dirty headliner like it doesn't smell of it at all. Have side indicators and Quantum 5w40 on order! So giving it a service will be happening soon😀
  2. Adrian777

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Good shout! Will have another look😀 Is it the grey bits we're looking at or is there more under the speaker panel? Front and rear sound deadening is going to be replaced for the time being with Dynamat or some eBay stuff!
  3. Adrian777

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    The rear wiper not spraying fluid was still bugging me massively so Round 2! This time taking more trim and interior off. I found all of the hose joints to be intact, they were all joined together still. The blue sound deadening was soaking wet however so I thought I had found the culprit, but apparently not😓 Sound deadening pulled out and area dried, I held down the rear washer stalk but this area remained 100% dry, I then discovered the front passenger sound deadening to be soaking through too. So the hose in this area will be fine I imagine, maybe there was a window rubber leak before but the previous owner(s) never bothered to dry up the area but who knows. However, new idea! Marked the fluid level on the washer fluid tank and then held down the stalk for a good minute. Heard the normal whirring sound and then looked back at the tank, it had not moved a millimeter! So maybe there's an issue with the pump or the pipe right at the tank is blocked off.
  4. Adrian777

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Cheers! That all sounds reasonable since I remember on test drive, there was a little water coming out when the stalk was pushed forward. Found that the joiner did come out so yeah, reckon it will be that blocked jet😁
  5. Probably been answered 1000 times but I cannot find anything on here! https://www.vwspares.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=1137 Is this Quantum Synta 10w40 suitable for a high mileage GTI? The specs are all correct but it's not to the VW 502 00 or VW 501 00 if it matters in this case? Is there an oil filter you all recommend too? I'm new to all this so apologies if it's an obvious answer😁
  6. Adrian777

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Day 2! Cupholder issue solved, pulled it out and turns out there was a wire from the dodgy radio that had managed to get into the mechanism preventing it from shutting all the way😓 Went about trying to sort the lack of fluid coming out the rear washer hose next. Left rear footwell was pretty damp, spent a good 40 minutes trying to vac it out and dry it with a hair dryer but didn't get very far though. From this, it signals to me that there was an issue with the washer hose possibly at that point which is why it didn't work. Went about pulling the interior out to have a look at all the hose connections but all of them seemed fine and tight! No water was coming out of any of them but the motor can be heard when the wiper stalk is pushed forward so that's a mystery and a half😅 Eventually ran out of ideas but going to take another look but this time looking at the section of hose which runs past where the carpet is damp.
  7. Adrian777

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Cheers bud! Yeah personally Volkswagen got everything spot on with it from factory like it looks real pretty, doesn't exactly have monster truck ride height and it handles and pulls well, but that's coming from a newer 1.0 Polo!😅 Going to try sort the paint out step by step so will be doing a proper decontamination and machine polish to remove some scratches and then try to do some magic on the deeper stone chips, student life means no respray just yet unfortunately😓 Yeah I'm really curious as well but I have a feeling one of the many previous owners took the steering wheel off and didn't line it up properly when putting it back on, gonna get an alignment first though as maybe might have happened over time. Hard bit is going to be trying to source parts!
  8. Adrian777

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Ever since my high school days I had always dreamt of owning a Lupo GTI specifically, always thought they looked and sounded amazing. Having started Automotive Engineering at university I thought it'd be very useful to have a project car so I can gain more practical skills and learn more as well as completing a dream. So here we are, bought this 2001 GTI which has covered around 200,000 miles for little money. Mechanically sound except a blowing exhaust pipe but many many small problems to be sorted. The aim for this is to get the car looking and performing like it just rolled off the production line so no tilty wheels or roll cages here!😀 Faults/Issues: Cupholder refuses to close Large and deep stone chip on A pillars Scratches on every panel Paint bubbling badly on spoiler Lacquer peel everwhere Discoloured wiper arms Blowing exhaust Both door straps gone Cracked engine cover Headlight bracket snapped Passenger sun visor mirror smashed Steering wheel off centre Curbed alloys Cracked indicator lenses Headlights oxidised Rear washer jet not working Rear number plate light unit falling out Faulty electric windows The first day of ownership was spent thoroughly cleaning the interior and removing all traces of the previous owners including some distasteful mods such as a carbon wrapped clock cover! As well as getting started on removing the worn rubberised grab handles as standard on this era Volkswagen, sarted with nail polish remover but then decided to just wet sand it.

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