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  1. LUPO is gone was dead then 4 people were after it!.
  2. I will have to go to Spain soon burned too many bridges not too now, maybe brexit is dead now????? .
  3. YES is me, I put it on 2 days ago and am running round in it, had a brexit reprieve so still up here :).
  4. I just can't take £400 SORRY as has had 100's in new parts a year or so back tiiming belt,shocks,cv unit,boot, tie ,arm, serviced,slave,pins and all tyres good as bought 2 a year ago. 100% sure it will get( even after fees) £500 plus, £500 is my bottom as massively out of pocket even that price. Will not go below £500 sorry is too good a car. Bonkers had no viewings at all in 10 days?????? mad. TING BELT at 147k and oiw in 2 years at 149k. If someone omes with £500 cash notes can have it is taxed nd insured mot till end august 2019...
  5. YES DNI but still other things need doing if no deal. LIKE that its HOT, DRY nice for motorbiking, cheap to live. Going next week likely thursday so last chance or my sister ebays it £500 reserve. Tax getting taken off thursday as insuring santa fe 7 seater then.
  6. Hi, sorry £350 too low have it on web now for much more, already had slightly higher mentioned if it doesn't go soon. 149k is nothing to an SDI engine(engine is perfect, 0 oil usage) and rest of car is good. Am moving to Spain even if we don't leave but brexit has hurried things up as lose rights if arrive after brexit happens. TOO cold here!.
  7. OK not had a single person come look at her, SO how about £555 cash notes, surely someone can see is a bargain.
  8. Is too small and costs £800 to get a car to spain PLUS have to pay to register it in 3 months or less, bought a 7 seat jeep for move
  9. Can emaill more as all to big for this site :( won't let me put them up.
  10. Hi all sorry been offline so didn't get back to anyone SO. CONDITION good, engine/gbox perfect!, interior good. Not modded a all ever! PICTURES, just done some LOCATION Ne34 south shields fI no takers is going on autotrader, hoped for a fan of SDI's to buy it here. I really a moving to Spain for brexit.
  11. REDUCED to £666 no offers as had no replies, ok is up north but a good deal worth the trip.
  12. FORGOT mot is not due till end of august 2019 has done less than 1000miles since done.
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