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  1. I appreciate your help @mk2 . Unfortunately, like ETKA, the oemepc.com website does not list this grommet for some reason ☚ī¸. If I am an idiot and just totally missing the info, please prove me wrong. It is not definitely not 038103638B (as mentioned above). This grommet surrounds the oil dipstick.
  2. Is there any chance that someone with a 1.4TDI / AMF Lupo or Polo could help with the needed info mentioned in my first post?
  3. Thanks again for your reply @Sausage. Like most of the grommets on VW engine covers of this vintage, it is removable. I would pull a part number from the grommet if it was not so worn. It is similar in shape and look to 038103184B. Not sure if the measurements are the same though as I do not have 038103184B to compare. My hope was that someone with a 1.4TDI might chime in with the correct part number from their engine cover :).
  4. Thanks for the reply. I thought the same when I first looked at ETKA, but I believe that is the part number for the grommet that surrounds the oil dipstick. Any other ideas?
  5. Hello, Could anyone possibly provide a part number for the rubber grommet that is on the lower left underside of the engine cover (1.4 TDI/AMF) if you are standing in front of the vehicle? If the engine cover is flipped on its back, the grommet would then be on the lower right side. I hope this makes sense 😉. This grommets plugs into the plastic ball seat for securing the engine cover to the engine. Unfortunately, my grommet is too worn to grab a part number and I cannot find this item on ETKA. This grommet is also a different size/part number than the other two grommets on the cover
  6. Thanks for finally helping me figure out why the lead inserts were installed into the rear bumper support holes @RAB. Any idea how they are secured to the body? I have yet to find bolts or other types of fasteners securing the two weights. In regards to the Subject of this post, has anybody seen an OEM Lupo GTI spoiler, other OEM VAG modified spoiler options, or an after market spoiler (modified or stock) to fit this early tailgate? Any idea if an early 6N OEM Polo spoiler is a close fit for this early 3L tailgate? Here is the part number: 6N0827933C. I realize the Polo tailg
  7. Hi, Does anyone have a link or photos of an early 3L tailgate with an OEM Lupo GTI spoiler or other OEM VAG / Votex spoiler installed? I realize all the previously mentioned options will needed to modified to fit properly. As I am sure you are aware, the Lupo GTI spoiler would need to be extended at the tips of each side to meet up with the edge of the extended (upper area) of the early 3L gate . I am just curious if the Lupo GTI spoiler will fit somewhat properly other than the previously mentioned needed mod. Any help with this detail would be appreciated. The 3rd brake light hole
  8. Dang. You definitely busted my bubble @LR5V . Thanks again for the help. I also appreciate you not calling me an idiot for the noob mistake. No model years for of the Lupo GTI tailgates were aluminum, correct? After more research, I also found the links below for spoiler and wiper motor removal:
  9. It is great to meet you @LRV5. Thanks for going above and beyond with the measurements. Solid tip on removing the spoiler, wiper, and wiper motor. I would assume there is a piece of interior trim that needs to removed to access the bolts that secure the spoiler to the gate? If so, are just clips securing this trim? Is there also double sided tape that holds the spoiler in place? I will not have access to tools during this trip and will need to bring them with me. Other than plastic pry tools, any idea on the size of the bolts attach the spoiler to the gate? I will plan to bring
  10. Hi, Sorry for this random post and request. Could someone please provide a height x width x depth measurement of a Lupo GTI tailgate for me as soon as possible? Lupo's are not common in the US. This measurement is not possible for me to grab locally. We are leaving for a holiday in the EU next week. I need to determine if we will be able fly back (from the EU) with a carefully packaged Lupo GTI tailgate in the hold of the plane and airlines we will be flying. Many thanks in advance for the possible help.
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