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  1. Thanks, for now I'm on a search for a shorter final drive.
  2. Yeah thanks, I looked at Quaife too, but I think I need a new final drive from a 02T.
  3. Wow, that is some amazing info, thanks so much for sharing!! I also assumed that the GVX/FUT had the best gearing, and that getting a 4.5+ final drive was the desired route. Will be on a search for that coveted 1.2L 6V 9N gearbox!!
  4. So did a shakedown, and with the car revving to 8,000 rpm, I really need shorter gears. Anyone know if there's any matching gears or a final gear with a 4.5+ ratio?
  5. Not wasting any time, back in Tsukuba Circuit where it belongs
  6. It was sitting there for 4 years so the fuel was bad. And the fuel pump was shot.
  7. Yeah I tried but the hardcoat was a biotch to remove, so I just purchased new ones 😎
  8. Thanks! We rebuilt the engine with new valve seals, piston rings, and conrod bearings. The paint and acrylic windows are in really bad shape. May need a repaint.
  9. Thanks 😀 I just had to change the piston rings and procrastinated... for 4 years lol
  10. Awesome thanks, now I just need to find some uprated engine mounts.
  11. In the video he mentions you have a lightweight flywheel? Mind sharing which brand flywheel it is?
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