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  1. I'm looking for an Arosa Sport 16v and this very promising one has all the right signs except one: When the seller finally sent me pictures of the interior, he told me that the passenger side (right side in this case) airbag misteriously deployed for no reason some days ago. Now, we could debate if this is possible or not, or if the guy is full of it and it's had a side shunt and that's why he's selling it. But let's accept what it is and therefore my actual question: what's the normal procedure here? Can one "replace" a seat airbag and mend the seat cover somehow, or is the whole seat to
  2. Hi all, I recently installed the "free floating screen"-style aftermarket "Halo 9" radio from Alpine (ilx-F903d) and I thought I should share some pics from the installation. I'm very happy with it! I wanted a Carplay and Android Auto enabled radio for the GTI but always felt that the 2-din screens were never bigger than my phone enough to justify the cost. The standard radio location is also way too low for the eyes. This radio has a great 9" touchscreen that actually sits way higher than the standard radios and so it makes it a joy to use, and much safer because of the size of text
  3. yeah, first thing i tried. doesn't do anything on passenger window ?‍♂️
  4. may I ask while on topic... if it *doesn't* click at all, is it 100% motor, or should I still try to connect the motor to power to test it. my passenger window switch always worked. the swith on the driver's door (to wind down the passenger window) didn't, UNLESS you pressed at the exact time as the driver's window switch. pretty mysterious case, that the VW dealership didn't manage to fix (even changing the switch). today the passenger window stopped working altogether, and it's stuck almost all the way down. i hope it doesn't rain on the way home...
  5. that bonnet illustration looks nothing like a Lupo bonnet anyway, I'm happy to report I bought that eBay damping and it's fitted perfectly. I'm just missing one clip now edit: now to really sort out my bonnet… see that missing rubber sealing at the top left of the photo, left of the VW emblem cutout? that would be nice to fix, but I can't find the part anywhere. VW dealer says it's not available anymore. any ideas? I even considered buying a damaged lupo bonnet just for that piece of rubber but seems like overkill...
  6. at VW dealerships in Germany they claim they still have it in stock. however all the matts I see on eBay have the same shape and clip pattern (pics below), and my bonnet seems to also have that shape and clip pattern (last pic). maybe I have a "fake" bonnet? hmm, I have to check in my car, but many of the undercarriage parts I found online are made of one pieces, including the "vertical" sides. might be a difference between GTIs and others?
  7. I've tried to search every then and now about a few parts that I need replacing, and still can't figure out if they're GTI specific or if I can buy anything "for Lupo" off eBay. 1. The undercarriage protection, what I believe you'd call "sump guard" (basically the plastic tray that protects the bottom of the engine compartment). This VW dealer wants 160€ for a new one ? 2. The sound dampening matt under the bonnet. For the life of me I've looked at dozens of pictures and can't see the difference between normal Lupos and GTIs. The dealer asks 85€ for this. 3. The sound dampenin
  8. ^ THIS is what I didn't know I wanted to hear you're completely right... my only worry is that I don't really know how old the old ones are. Any sings I can look for to know on what shape they are? on a side note, anybody interested in some Eibach springs?
  9. I don't think I'd get reverse rake in any case. Or do you believe the "before" pics already have reverse rake? as long as the rocker is parallel to the ground it's perfectly fine.
  10. allright here's a before/after pic. I actually just emailed this to Bilsten to see what they have to say about it. It just can't be right can it? I like the "before" look so much more. Really thinking of putting back the old springs in the rear, and if the ride is compromised, then put the old front ones too... thanks for that idea Rich... not sure i have the skills for that though. I'd rather achieve it with just the right parts
  11. allright I fitted the B12 kit on saturday. I have to say I can feel some improvement given that top mounts and other bushes were also changed, but it's quite a bit harder than I was expecting and bodyroll stays the same (Whiteline rear ARB is on the way though). I have the same kit on my Arosa since like 2005 but I attributed its harshness to just being old. I hope I'll get used to it! the biggest disappointment though is that the rear now sits way higher than the front. my previous setup (stock dampers and lowering springs) had a much better balance, even though the rear was still a bit
  12. Allright, Bilstein replied. The most recent B12 kit part number 46-190833, which replaces 46-190826, includes the B8 dampers part no. 35-238744, which have the little mounting wings to pass the ABS cable through (photos from Bilstein below). No need for cable ties! 46-190833 is also the kit sold by n2o in the links above, so I will be placing my order as soon as I post this
  13. thanks for the tips! @LR5V great find. i contacted n2o tuning but still no reply. i even contacted Bilstein directly and nothing still... i forgot to ask specifically about the purpose of that weird "15mm" kit. do they really make two kits with different heights? and most importantly, from which basis is the drop measured? a normal lupo or a GTI which is already 15 (?) mm lower than other Lupos? i'll keep you posted. but i'm not pulling the trigger until i get an answer from the suppliers...
  14. I've had the B12 kit on my Arosa for many many years. I've had my Lupo GTI for a year now, and the time has come to replace the suspension (I bought it with stock shocks but lowering no-name springs, so it's a mess). I want to put the B12 kit on it but it's turning out to be more complicated than I thought... Apparently Bilstein is now (or always has been?) selling two different kits for the Lupo GTI, with the exact same name (B12 ProKit). One lowers the car 15mm, which is new to me (Part No. 46-256720). The other one lowers 30mm, but is suddenly indicated for cars without ABS only. (Par
  15. yeah more or less... and planning new supension (B12 kit) plus a bunch of other small things: Missing rubber seal front of hood, left side Hood inner lining Refit roof cantrails Fix front brakes (non symmetrical) Fix windscreen/dashboard noises Handbrake doesn't brake right rear wheel (!?) Parasol driver mirror broken Electrical AC (no current) Driver seat heating Window switch driver side for passenger window Window switches Auto function Door lock (interior light and
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