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  1. I bought this Lupo with a tailor-made sub box , that fits perfectly in a Lupo boot Made by AI audio Also 2 x Pioneer amps. GM-6300F 600w The sub speaker is a JL Audio 10W03-4 10" 4-ohm subwoofer. The sub box easily goes in and out of your car and fits snug with no play. Made with quality MDF and Alcantara suede. The two amps are fitted on the 2 back seats with Alcantara suede back covers stitched in I want to get rid of the whole lot, however I do need to replace the back seats, so a swap could be in order? I can't see any other way. Call or text me and we'll talk about a deal , (Full leather would be a nice swap) Paul 07956372741
  2. Samartzis2000

    Lupo picture thread

    GTi Powerflow exhaust , no cat. Popping mad. lupo_exhaust_insta.mp4
  3. Samartzis2000

    Lupo GTI Breaking

    Hi Mike , whenever you read this, if you still have the passenger side headlight ? , I'll be very interested , my number is 07956372741 call or text. Thanks Paul
  4. Samartzis2000

    Lupo GTI Breaking

    Hi there , you wouldn't happen to have a passenger side headlight? Thanks , Paul

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