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  1. Thanks. I have been looking on eBay. Just hoping there may be a good set in the back of someone's garage.
  2. Just a thought folks. With so many GTi s being broken and people changing there alloys. Somewhere are lots of original GTi alloys. I was quoted £250 for mine to have a refurb. Is there anyone out there with new condition GTi alloys with good tyres or sale ? Price would have to include courier. As i live in Cornwall . Anyone. ! Cheers Colin.
  3. Hi .. I this true, as I have a chance to buy a set of drive shafts , but the seller bought them a number of years ago and doesn't know if there 6 or 5 speed. Is there any way to tell the difference visually. ?
  4. Hi all. My left /right drive shafts are getting very rusty. I would like to change them but are very hard to source. I'm a bit confused as when looking the same vag number comes up for the Lupo GTi and the Polo 6n GTi. Are these the same and fit each other ? Any advice much appreciated. Colin.
  5. Hi all. I need a set of Lupo GTi alloy centre covers. As you would expect I'm struggling to find a set . My question is there an equivalent set that fit from other VW models ? Help much appreciated. Cheers. Colin.
  6. colin l

    VW floor mats.

    Ok Rich. £25. As I have not seen them. If you except pm me your PayPal address. Cheers again. Colin.
  7. colin l

    VW floor mats.

    Hi Rich. Brand new genuine VW Rubber mats are £54 on that auction site. Cloth mats genuine VW Vgc give me a price Inc p&p. The better condition the more I would pay. But I have my limits. Cheers Colin
  8. colin l

    VW floor mats.

    Hello. Looking for a full set of genuine original VW Lupo car mats. Must be original VW in Vgc. Price including posting please. Pm please. Cheers. Colin.
  9. Hi Nick. Service history ? Price please . And we're are you please.
  10. Hi. Thanks for advice. The buyer has mislaid the book. The label in the boot is very blurry. Is there any other way to find out the colour ?
  11. Hi all. Probably been brought up lots of times, for this I apologize. I have just bought an 03 Lupo GTi. RED. Which shade red was a 03 model. Tornado or Flash. Or were on the car is the code ? Help much appreciated . Colin .
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