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  1. New to Lupos but engines an engine. Can’t get my head around SDI’s though, basically an IDI with an ecu that doesn’t really do much 😀 IDIs I do by ear then show off and check with a dti. Advance till it knocks, then back a bit! Lol. Will let you know how I get on chap.
  2. My 1.7 sdi knocks it tits off and is quite obviously over advanced. Cambelt was done prior to me buying it at an independant (non VAG) and i guess the tech has just locked the cam and pulley up. Ive always used locking tools to set cam timing bob on, pump timing is obviously different entitiy and computers drag us away from using the trusty Dti in rotor head. Have put it on VCDS and timing graph shows it as being so far advanced its not showing on screen Used the following to check: https://www.ross-tech.com/vag-scope/TDIGraph.html sdi's are on there. Im guessing measuring block '+2' is simlar to being closer to green line/davanced.
  3. Cheers chap. Fitted a Volvo manifold to my MULTIVAN 9 years ago when I did injectors, hybrid turbo etc. Was thinking PD130 manifold appears to be easiest for and forget fannymold though. Wanting to keep it NA. Then you have a Giles Pump........😱😄
  4. Been following your posts with interest chap with regards to poking a finger into Sdi tuning. Did you ever get to the bottom of a useable injector? Did you ever change inlet tract? PD130 inlet fannymold looks very useable.
  5. Any one have anything Tdi or 1.4 Sport shaped?
  6. ELVIS

    lupo tdi

    Interested. Email pics and spec and any write up/blurb ?
  7. Looking for a Tdi or 1.4 Petrol. No sunroofs or ragtops. Must be straight (expect a few car park tiny dings but no hounds please) Any colour considered other than red. Based in Exeter and in no rush.
  8. ELVIS

    lupo tdi

    Is this up for sale anywhere chap?
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